Top rock songs from 2011

My focus during 2011 was on acoustic, dream pop and folk. This rock list is a bit of an afterthought and probably has a few gaps, as I don't care for very loud rock. I mainly listen to music with headphones. Questionable if all of these are what you would call true rock songs, some are probably pop rock, electronic, etc. I only post music I like:

Lotus Flower - Radiohead

Radiohead - Lotus Flower by okw4rd

Oh My Heart - R.E.M.

R.E.M. "Oh My Heart" by Warner Music Group DE

Reach A Bit Further - Wild Beasts

Wild Beasts / Reach A Bit Further by Constellations Festival

Take Another Look - The Cars

Take Another Look by The Cars

Re-wired - Kasabian

Take the world - She Wants Revenge

Call Me Back - The Strokes

Dear friends – Elbow

Born To Die - Lana Del Ray

Other rock songs from 2011 that impressed me:

Smart - Girl in a Coma

Stone's Gone Up - David Lynch

Sad Song – The Cars

Stamp - The Rural Alberta Advantage

La Fee Verte - Kasabian

Over the Hill and Back Again - Paleo

Misspent Youth - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (thanks The Past And The Pending)

All or Nothing - Mutemath

Wild Thing - Noah And The Whale

Bobby - Butcher The Bar

The Void - Darkness Falls

Cheater Carolina - Fops

Iron – Woodkid

We all go back to where we belong – REM

Lamentations - The Dears

My My Mind - Apex Manor

Living For Someone - Ivan and Alyosha

Street Joy - White Denim

One for You, One for Me - Bright Eyes

Shell Games - Bright Eyes

The Body - The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

Need You Now - Cut Copy

Morning Mr Magpie – Radiohead

The Hunger - Shirley Manson & Serj Tankian

Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses (U2 Cover) - Garbage

No Part Of Me - Steven Wilson

Remainder the Black Dog - Steven Wilson

Index - Steven Wilson

French Exit - The Antlers

Call It What You Want - Foster The People

On Our Own - Diamond Rings

Balance - Future Islands

Weekend - Class Actress

Even Better Than The Real Thing (Jacques Lu Cont Mix) - U2

I’m His Girl – Friends

The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Morgan's Bay - Goldroom

Landforms - Other Lives

Bad Ritual - Timber Timbre

Division Street - Ravens and Chimes

Flashlight Tag - Sleepy Vikings

Eventually - The Phoenix Foundation

Golden Ship - The Phoenix Foundation

Bailey’s beach - The Phoenix Foundation

Escape All Responsibility - Chocolate Horse

You Was Me - Jonny

The Secret Chord - The Sand Band

Adapt - Wire

Vitamin K - Gruff Rhys

Strangers - White Lies

Happy Soup - Baxter Dury

The Birds - Elbow

Can’t You Tell - Vetiver

Sun God - Cut Copy

Open Heart Surgery - Beth Ditto

Right Guide - Chamberlin

Never Die Alone - Chamberlin

Equal Dreams (feat. Solange Knowles) - The Rewards

Don't F*** with My Money - Penguin Prison

Major Minus - Coldplay

Future Shadows - Forest Fire

(Watch this space for more 2011 rock tracks in future...last updated 2nd of Feb 2012)

Any thoughts on my list? Which of the artists are you a fan of? Have I missed any great rock albums? Has 2011 been a good year for rock music in your opinion? Share your views in the comments below


  1. Hello!
    New Year comes ;)) All the best to you and your blog working..

    You have posted a lot of great bands and songs including Take the world - She Wants Revenge, absolutely addictive ;)

  2. Most songs don't work here in Germany, but I like Oh My Heart.

  3. @Mette: hmm, weird, I just quickly checked all the links, and none of them are dead/deleted. All ok here. Try refreshing my blog (F5)

    @NightAdmirer: Yes, it does seem to be a track and vocal that is to your taste I think. Glad to spread the word about these artists and tracks.

  4. A lot of them are blocked in Canada too :( But I agree with Night Admirer, love that SWR track.

  5. @Bonjour Tristesse: She wants revenge track kind of sounds like Depeche Mode's best stuff ( :

    Doesn't make it easy for me sharing a youtube music list globally, when random videos are blocked in other countries (and not here for some reason) But I can see why they would block free music, so people buy music instead.
    Will use soundcloud more in future, I don't think that gets blocked ( :

  6. have you listened to david lynch's album yet? haven't gotten around to it myself.

  7. @Gregory Roy: I did listen to Lynch's new album, Stone's Gone Up and Pinky's Dream feat. Karen O were highlights for me. But not an album I would listen to all the way through a lot, would have prefered more guest vocalists, Julee Cruise or others, as he is not really a singer, though the songs did have a Lynch atmosphere, I'll give him that.


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