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You, Earth or Ash - Slow Club

(The kind of track I want to listen to again and again, a highlight for me on their 2011 album Paradise)


Tori Amos- Shattering Sea

(A song that stayed with me, the other tracks on her 2011 release all have the same kind of rhythm, and for me lacked individuality in terms of sound, the album needed more variation. Perhaps because I’m not an Amos regular, I had trouble relating to Amos’ lyrics. Classical instruments, piano, harp etc means it’s an LP that could have been made 100 years ago. )


This Woman's Work (Director's Cut) - Kate Bush

(Another singer I don't listen to very often. A 1989 piano version that in 2011 got an electronic remix . I prefer the new edit. Lyrics are about regrets. The video and song I think together are rich on atmosphere and impressed me. For the length of the song I forgot about everything around me )

Listeners, any thoughts on the music?

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