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As those who follow my blog regularly know, I got through a ton of music in 2010, below are 3 obscure and under-appreciated tunes I found, the first 2 really touched my soul, the third danceable track is a unique marriage of audio and video. Enjoy!

Broken Horse - Freelance Whales


Turnpike Ghost - Tegan and Sara (Steel Train Cover)


Days Ahead - Museum of Bellas Artes

Listeners, any thoughts on the music?


  1. Nice songs. I knew the first two, but not the third. I like to see another music lover celebrating The Terrible Thrills Vol. 1 Steel Train Covers Record. My favorite track off that album is You Are Dangerous by Deradoorian. I wrote about it here.

  2. That Tegan & Sara track is wonderful.

    and the video for the third song, the dance they do reminds me of a scene from Attenberg

  3. @Addi: I only found that obscure cover record because you included it on your top 50 songs of 2010 list, so good work there highlighting it ( : Not even sure the album can be bought on cd, it may only be available on itunes or something. I'll check your article.

    @Bonjour Tristesse: Thanks, the Museum of Bellas Artes video is so different to other ones out there, kind of 80s, I don't know the back story, maybe the dancing has been lifted from a movie and retouched. Haven't watched Attenberg.

  4. Groovy tunes! Tiff is a Freelance Whales fan.

  5. @Robert: Thanks, glad you're enjoying the tunes. A few extended year-end music lists on the way soon I'm working on ( :


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