Top folk songs from 2011

2011 was in my opinion a strong year for folk music, and also dream pop. I don't know about rock or other genres the last 12 months, I really couldn't say. The list below is unfinished. I’ll add more later, if I find some good songs, or if you tell me in the comments what I missed!

Glorious - The Pierces

Jesus Fever - Kurt Vile

Chains (live) - Abigail Washburn

The Fifth Horseman Of The Apocalypse - The Nightwatchman / Tom Morello

Come Around – Sarah Jarosz

I'm Losing Myself - Robin Pecknold (Fleet Foxes) feat. Ed Droste

Evening Song - Hymns From Nineveh

Moon in The Water - Dawes

Natural Rhapsody - Jonathan Wilson

Don't ask me why - Laura Marling

More folk music (or near enough) from 2011 not to be missed:

The Sun Always Reminds Me Of You - Marissa Nadler

Runner Ups - Kurt Vile

Your Own Spell - King Creosote and Jon Hopkins

Apple Like a Wrecking Ball - Hoots & Hellmouth

Silk Tilts - Butcher The Bar

The Tide Pulls From The Moon - William Fitzsimmons

Gone Kerouac - W. Travis

Used to be a cop – Drive by truckers

Face In The Crowd - Joseph Arthur

To Go and Return - Jeffrey Lewis

To Begin (Live) - Alela Diane

In Your Lair, Bear - Marissa Nadler

Spain - Arborea

Kentish Town Waltz - Imelda May

Field Song - William Elliott Whitmore

Bonny Bunch of Roses (cover) - June Tabor & Oysterband

That Was My Veil (PJ Harvey cover) - June Tabor & Oysterband

Gentle Spirit - Jonathan Wilson

Blood Never Lies - Thurston Moore

In Silver Rain With A Paper Key - Thurston Moore

County Line - Cass Mccombs

The Way It Will Be - Gillian Welch

Why Should I - Luisa Sobral

You Folded up our Blanket Like We Used to be Lovers - Case Studies

Wapusk - Kathleen Edwards (feat. Bon Iver)

Deep Water - The Middle East

Face to the Highway – Tom Waits

100 Acres of Sycamore - Fionn Regan

Black Captain - Bonnie 'Prince' Billy

No match - Bonnie 'Prince' Billy

Noble Aim - Sleeping At Last

Helplessness Blues - Fleet Foxes

The Shrine An Argument - Fleet Foxes

American - Sean Rowe

Surprise - Sean Rowe

Girl in a Coat - Blitzen Trapper

Stranger in a strange land - Blitzen Trapper

Night after night (Live at WFUV/The Alternate Side) - Laura Marling

Rest in the dark - Laura Marling

Lucky Now - Ryan Adams

Tree by the river – Iron & Wine

Lil Norge feat. Jens Lekman - Danielson

Hey Joe - Liz Green

Ballad Of The Bastard - Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat

Today, I Feel Like I'm Evolving - River City Extension

Waiting In The Airport - River City Extension

Ninth Ave Reverie - The Middle East

Eastwood (Feat. Clint Eastwood) - Brad Paisley

Universal Applicant - Bill Callahan

Riding For The Feeling - Bill Callahan

Drover - Bill Callahan

Infamous Love Song - Over The Rhine

Baby’s Arms - Kurt Vile

Fall Away - Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks

The Heron and the Fox (live) - Little Scream

My Way Back Home (Live at WFUV) - Dawes

St. Petersburg - The Wilderness Of Manitoba (from their 2011 album)

Baby Jeans - The Wooden Birds

The Afterlife - Paul Simon

Hymn For The Lover - Hymns From Nineveh

Keep Me Young - Trent Dabbs

Leave To See - Trent Dabbs

Paper Airplane - Alison Krauss & Union Station

Lay My Burden Down - Alison Krauss [Get Low Soundtrack Version]

For What It's Worth - Stevie Nicks

Country Dumb (Piano Version) - Josh T. Pearson

On a Spree - Richmond Fontaine

Inventory - Richmond Fontaine

Apothecary Love - The Low Anthem

Marcy's Song (Jackson C. Frank Cover) - John Hawkes

Part Time Believer - Boy & Bear

One Sunday Morning (Song For Jane Smiley's Boyfriend) - Wilco

The Nazarene - Joe Crookston

Lament - Mount Moriah

The Death Of You And Me - Noel Gallagher

Sourdoire Valley Song - The Mountain Goats

Outer Scorpion Squadron - The Mountain Goats

Born To Be Loved - Lucinda Williams

Your Friend - Denison Witmer

Two And A Glass Rose - Denison Witmer

Bugs - O'Death

Put on Cologne – Donovan Woods

Thanks for Nothing - Middle Brother

Wilderness - Middle Brother

Mary's Gone - The Deep Dark Woods

Everything I Saw - The Weather Station (thanks naturalbeardy)

Came so easy - The Weather Station

Yarrow and Mint - The Weather Station

Running Around Asking - The Weather Station

Go on - Bec Sandridge

Decision Day - Conrad Plymouth

Feral Horse (live on CJSR) - Tyler Butler

Ghost on the canvas - Glen Campbell

Run Away - Sarah Jarosz

The Tourist (Radiohead cover) - Sarah Jarosz

Now and Then - Catherine Maclellan

Bats in the Attic - King Creosote & Jon Hopkins

Treasures - Seasick Steve

Rice Triangle - Rachael Dadd

If My Love Loves Me - June Tabor & Oysterband

(Watch this space for more 2011 tracks in future...last updated 3rd of March 2012)

Any thoughts on my list? Which artists above are you a fan of? Do you agree with me that 2011 has been a good year for new folk music? Did I miss any great folk songs or albums? Share your opinions in the comments below


  1. Excellent: quite a bit of stuff here I haven't heard and look forward to investigating; thanks for the tips. Glad to see June and the Oysters making the list, of course! :-)

  2. @Alex Ramon: Thanks for stopping by, I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so will keep updating the more I find. That cover album by June Tabor & Oysterband took me by surprise how good it is ( :

  3. I'm so glad to see Glorious in your top folk songs! The Pierces is one of the unique bands in 2011, something with their attitude too.
    I love folk songs too. If I could listen to each of this song you post :| Sometimes they (youtube) load so long. I think you just give me an idea to post top soundtrack I listen this year.

  4. @Andina: Yes, I loved that Glorious track, thanks for sharing it on you site. I'll look out for your music list ( :


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