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Into the wild (2007). Such a well-crafted trailer that contains some of the best quotes. The clip also has a highly emotional ending, which I like, and of course the scenery and landscape is magnificent. Maybe they could have included a bit more of Eddie Vedders memorable soundtrack, but still a trailer I can return to every few months, and continues to give me chills. For me, Sean Penn is an underrated director. The Indian Runner (1991) and The Pledge (2001) are little gems just waiting to be discovered.

Readers, what do you think of Into the Wild? and the trailer? Let me know in the comments below!

ps If you enjoyed Into the Wild, I recommended the under-appreciated wilderness movie Never Cry Wolf (1983) directed by Carroll Ballard. And its not just me who liked it, Never Cry Wolf has a 100% rottentomatoes rating ( :


  1. Into the Wild was an amazing piece of film, literature, and had a hell of a soundtrack to boot. One of our all-time favorites!

  2. @Captain Captain Industries: I haven't read the book, the soundtrack was amazing, I hope Eddie Vedder contines down the acoustic path in future

  3. Into The Wild is a great true story indeed. I just didn't like the ending. I didn't know before that Sean Penn directed the movie.

  4. @Andina: Into the Wild didn't feel like a true life story to me, but it really is. The ending was tough to watch.
    Are you going to share on your site your favourite films (or music) from 2011, at the end of the year? Hope so ( :


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