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A couple of promising, new female singer-songwriters from Scandinavia I found in 2011

House – Amanda Mair

(Her lyrics are so mature considering she's still a teenager. I'm excited to hear her debut album, hopefully out in 2012)


Doubt - Amanda Mair

My Two Feet - Ida Gard

(If you like Fiona Apple's sound, I think you'll like Ida Gard's songs. Pretty impressive album for an independent artist. If you want to buy her debut album, details are on youtube)


It's Windy - Ida Gard

(Also check out the track, The Worst Of Me, which I'm adding to my upcoming top acoustic songs of 2011 list)

Let me know what you think of the music in the comments below!


  1. Didn't love any of that but I kinda liked the Ida Gard stuff.

  2. @Robert: Each to his taste ( : thanks for stopping by, both singers I think are talented song writers, and have potential to appeal internationally

  3. I like those Ida Gard tracks too. Ida seems to be a popular name lately for singers from Scandinavia.

  4. @Bonjour Tristesse: hmm, who are the other Ida's you are thinking of from Scandinavia?

  5. New Ida Gard video...

    1. @Ida Gard: Thanks for the link to the new video!


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