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Inspired by Let's be splendid about this, I decided to start a new weekly blogathon on movies and songs 365. My favourite trailers that I enjoy rewatching...

I've seen The Tree of Life trailer so many times I've lost count, ha ha ( : What strikes me is how in just 2 minutes 11 seconds it manages to stir my emotions, with epic music, breathtaking images, and memorable words. It has the full package and does everything well. Really sells that film. Wouldn't be surprised if Malick put the trailer together himself. Any thoughts on the trailer?

There are probably lots of amazing trailers I've forgotten about, or haven't even seen, so over to you in the comments, tell me about which trailers you love?


  1. It is a visually impressive trailer, presumably like the film itself but I haven't seen it yet. It is on my to-see list. I have the DVD but I think I need to be in the right mood for it, given what I've read about the film.

  2. Definitely a great trailer. I'm in the same boat as Dan, haven't seen the film. I'm a little hesitant considering what I've read and heard.

    One of my favorite recent trailers is this one!


    Oh and great feature - you can't go wrong with trailers!

  3. Love the trailer, obviously being a fan of the film, but it sort of portrays the movie to have a constructed plot, which in my mind it does not. Still a great trailer and film!

  4. @Dan: A pity you didn't see Tree of life on the big screen, probably not quite as jaw-dropping on dvd.

    @Robert: I love that song in the Watchmen trailer, if my memory serves me correctly it was from the decent soundtrack of Batman and Robin.
    I love the opening scene in Watchmen with the Dylan song, amazing stuff, the rest of the movie had a tough time topping that.

    @Gregory Roy: I agree about the plot thing, its tough in 2 minutes to convey those extended nature scenes in Tree of Life. Still a great trailer, and a great film.

  5. Agree on the opening set to Dylan. I also liked the other trailer with the Muse track. Awesome stuff.

  6. Ugh, I'm soooo behind on catching up with everyone's blogs! Glad to have provided some form of inspiration, haha. I love the musical piece from that trailer, the Moldau - on my ipod!! :D

  7. @Robert: I'll check the muse version, thanks

    @Ruth: Yeah, the music is very powerful, I want to see Tree of Life again, but I'm afraid it won't be as epic on dvd. Thanks for the twitter follow by the way ( :

  8. By long and far one of my favorite trailers of all time.

    "Guide us, until the end of time..."

  9. @Alex Withrow: Thanks, easily among the best trailers I've seen as well.


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