Music interlude: Cocteau Twins

A collection of my favorite tracks by Cocteau Twins.

Pearly-Dewdrops' Drops (from The Perks of Being a Wallflower soundtrack)

Heaven or Las Vegas


Cherry Coloured Funk

A Kissed Out Red Floatboat

Lazy Calm

Fluffy Tufts

The Thinner The Air

Have you listened to this band? Any favorites? Or are you a newcomer to the music as I am? As always, thoughts are welcome in the comments


  1. I have all of the stuff by the Cocteau Twins as my favorite albums so far are Treasure, Victorialand, and Heaven or Las Vegas. I love that song "Pearly Dewdrops Drop". Any chance for them to reunite is 1 and a billion.

    1. @thevoid99: Heaven or Las Vegas is a great song, and that 1990 album is my favorite by the band so far.
      I’m still stumbling around, listening to random tracks by them. I’ll give Treasure and Victorialand a listen, thanks for the suggestions.

  2. Nice collection I have review your blog and I am very happy to visit here.

    Thanks for post.

  3. Blue Bell Knoll is a great place to start. Or Garlands really freaking loud.


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