Johnny Cash - Rarities 1 of 2

Album: The Unearthed boxset (2003)

Wichita Lineman - Johnny Cash (Jimmy Webb cover)

Casy's Last Ride - Johnny Cash (Kris Kristofferson cover)

Big Iron - Johnny Cash

Album: American Outtakes

I Witnessed a Crime - Johnny Cash and Billy Gibbons

I'm A Drifter (acoustic version) - Johnny Cash

What On Earth - Johnny Cash

What did you think of the music? Any thoughts?


  1. Nice picks here, Chris. Hadn't heard any of them before, but I do especially like "Big Iron", "I Witnessed a Crime", and "I'm A Drifter".

  2. @Josh: Obviously, I like all these tracks, because I picked them out :) My favorite of the bunch here is Wichita Lineman, which to me packs more of an emotional punch than the rest.


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