In appreciation: Roxy Music & Bryan Ferry (2 of 7)

Album: Let’s Stick Together – Bryan Ferry (1976)

Sea Breezes – Bryan Ferry

(The first two minutes of the song I think are haunting)

Let’s Stick Together – Bryan Ferry

Album: In Your Mind – Bryan Ferry (1977)

Love me madly again – Bryan Ferry

(I especially love the mix of instruments in the last part of the song)

Album: The Bride Stripped Bare - Bryan Ferry (1978)

Sign of the Times – Bryan Ferry

This Island Earth – Bryan Ferry

Album: Manifesto – Roxy Music (1979)

Dance Away – Roxy Music

Angel Eyes (Bob Clearmountain remix) - Roxy Music

Manifesto – Roxy Music

What did you guys think of the music? Share your reaction in the comments below

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