In appreciation: Roxy Music & Bryan Ferry (1 of 7)

This year, I've listened to all the studio albums of Roxy Music and Bryan Ferry, many of the songs I had never heard before. I already knew the hits. Here's a chronological timeline of my favorite tracks, starting from the beginning. I didn't realize the band's album artwork is so provocative. Many of lead singer Bryan Ferry's solo tracks are cover songs.

Album: Roxy Music - Roxy Music (1972)

Virginia Plain – Roxy Music

If There Is Something - Roxy Music

(The ending of the song is memorable in my opinion, that section was used in in the movie Flashbacks of a Fool (2008)

Album: For Your Pleasure - Roxy Music (1973)

Pyjamarama - Roxy Music (non-album single)

Album: Stranded - Roxy Music (1973)

Sunset – Roxy Music

Album: Country Life - Roxy Music (1974)

A Really Good Time - Roxy Music

Album: Another Time, Another Place – Bryan Ferry (1974)

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes - Bryan Ferry

Album: Siren (1975) – Roxy Music

Love Is the Drug – Roxy Music

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  1. I like Bryan Ferry's work as a solo artist but I much prefer his work with Roxy Music. Everything the band did from the first album to Sirens and Avalon I think are quintessential. Country Life is my favorite album of theirs with Avalon a close second. I just got their new box set. Lots of great stuff.

    1. @thevoid99: I will look up the tracklist for the boxset and if I can find them on youtube, give the rarities a listen, thanks for the info!
      My favorite albums by Roxy Music are Flesh & Blood (1980) and Avalon (1982), I also really like Ferry's solo album Dylan-esque (2007)

  2. Roxy Music is one of those bands that I have heard a lot about over the years but never really listened to. It's going to be fun to follow along with your posts on them, Chris. Will listen to these while working tomorrow!

    1. @Eric: I didn't know Roxy Music besides the greatest hits, so I sat down and finally listened to the material. Roxy Music only put out 8 studio albums.
      Lead singer Bryan Ferry has released quite a few solo LPs over the years, which I also listened to, and will share in the upcoming weeks.
      Anyway, hope you find some tracks to enjoy!


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