Johnny Cash - Rarities 2 of 2

Other Johnny Cash songs from the last years of his life :

The Wanderer - Johnny Cash & U2

Highwayman - Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings & Kris Kristofferson

The Devil Comes Back to Georgia - Johnny Cash & Charlie Daniels Band

Johnny Cash - The Devil comes back to Georgia - MyVideo

Let him roll - Johnny Cash (Charlie Daniels Band cover)

Sea Of Heartbreak - Johnny Cash (Don Gibson cover)

(I didn't review American 2: Unchained (1996), and this is my favorite from that studio album)


To Beat The Devil - Johnny Cash (1970) (Kriss Kristofferson cover)

This concludes my Johnny Cash marathon. What did you think of the music? Next, I'll explore my favorites by Roxy Music. Any suggestions for band's you want me to listen to?


  1. Great picks as usual, Chris. My favorites are "Highwayman" and "The Devil Comes Back to Georgia", even if they are somewhat popular ones. :)

    1. @Josh: I love those two tracks too, The Highwaymen was a group Cash joined in the mid 80s, kind of similar to The Traveling Wilburys.
      I saw the music video for The Devil Comes Back to Georgia a long time ago, and just stayed with me.


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