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Edge Of The Ocean (Duotone Mix) - Ivy

(This song reminds me of Madonna's Ray of light album, however the music video I feel takes away some of the magic and mystery, better as pure audio.)


True Faith - New Order

(My favourite New Order song. Some of their electronic songs are somewhat dated now, but several of their greatest hits hold up well. )


The White Album - The Beatles

(If you’ve always postponed listening to The Beatles, like I have, here are the first 3 songs from their famous 1968 white album:
1. "Back in the U.S.S.R."
2. "Dear Prudence"
3. "Glass Onion"
You can listen to part 2 and so on, if you click on the video. Many people call it their masterpiece, some have named this the best album of all time. The track ‘Dear Prudence’ is so amazing.)

Readers, any thoughts on the songs?


  1. Being a Beatles from an early age, I concur with your choice for this post! For Beatles humour, I used to listen to "You Know My Name" as a child, followed by later viewings of "A Hard Day's Night", which is one of the most quotable films I have watched to date.
    Nice to see N.O. get a mention too.

  2. I haven't seen "A Hard Day's Night", will add that to my "to see list". Have you seen Nowhere Boy(2009)? Quite interesting bio of Lennon's childhood, but I thought it only scratches the surface.

    My favourite voice among the Beatles is John Lennon, so look out for more songs by him ( :

    Talking of childhood music memories, we were hooked on McCartney's 1993 solo album 'Off the ground'. Maybe his last good album.


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