Opening of George Washington

(This is an amazing opening to a movie, a pity the rest of George Washington (2000) was kind of boring. As faithful readers will know, I'm a sucker for voice-over)


  1. Are we sure this movie wasn't directed by Terrence Malick?

    My wife and I wanted to see this, until we saw two other movies directed by David Gordon Green that we hated: All the Real Girls and Snow Angels. With you describing this one as "boring," I will take a pass. But I agree -- a mesmerizing opening.

  2. i hate this one. and i hate everything else david gordon green ever did, except for snow angels. god, i love that movie.

  3. Miss T, that sounds like a true love-hate relationship. The movie I've seen of his that I sort of like is Pineapple Express, but I liked it so much less than I was hoping to like it that I don't think it counts.

  4. he's just so extremely inconsistent. like... no signature style at all.

  5. @Vancetastic

    I'm guessing you mean by mentioning Malick that the cinematography is impressive in this opening. I also liked the background instru. music, and to me this clip had a "Stand by Me" feel to it, the voice over + walking up the tracks.

  6. Yes, the cinematography -- but also because Malick loves voiceover, particularly abstract/poetic voiceover, and loves to present kind of character montages in which the plot is not really being advanced. He likes setting the tone. And as I wrote in my own pieces about Malick, he loves blowing grass -- I was tickled to notice a close-up shot of some reedy green plants, blowing slightly in the wind, after I'd already decided it was reminiscent of Malick. Speaking of signature styles ...


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