Funny scenes in shops from TV-shows

Little Britain - pirate memory game

(Love this sketch, just looking at the toy salesman, hearing his voice, and watching his expressions cracks me up. Probably my favourite from this British TV-series.)


Black Books

(This is the very first episode, and my favourite 30 min of Black books. 18 episodes were made from 2000-2004.)

The Cheese Shop sketch, Monty Python

(Though Parrot sketch and Mattress sketch are amazing, I love this one more)

Readers, any other funny scenes in shop enviroments you can recommend ?


  1. Do they have to be British?

  2. @Simon

    If you can remember some non-British funny scenes, I'd be interested.

  3. There was this sketch show, either All That or the Amanda Show, I can't remember, where they had this parody of Blockbuster, and I thought it was really funny when I was seven, but I don't suppose it'd hold up well.


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