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Infinite arms – Band of horses

(Song is from 2010 Band of horses cd, this is their 3rd album. I listen to most of my music with headphones, so I prefer their quieter songs. The album is a mix of softer and louder tracks. They sound kind of like The Shins, I think. The band are streaming the full album for free on their site at the moment: )

Winter - U2
(from the movie Brothers)

Good Boys - Blondie

(Cool video, although editing a little irritating. IMO, one of Blondie’s better songs. But I can’t help thinking Blondie due to her age is hiding in this video a bit like MJ did in 'You rock my world'. To me, the 'Good Boys' music video is a little similar to the movie 'Freaks' from 1932, also set in a circus)

Any thoughts on the music, readers?

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