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I Ran (So Far Away) - A Flock of Seagulls

(An amazing 80s rock song, which not everyone knows. I have forgotten the name of the movie I heard it in. It was an indie, played when a boy rides down road on a motorbike, anyone remember title of movie?)


Extraordinary Machine - Fiona Apple

(I wish Fiona would sing more gentle songs like this one, where her voice sounds so beautiful, I think it suits her. So if your reading Fiona, please make your next album more folk/acoustic!!! In my opinion she has a tendency in a lot of her songs to shout out her well-written lyrics, which I think is a shame)

Gone To Earth - The American Analog Set

(I heard song in the movie ‘The Time Traveler's Wife’, a movie I wasn’t keen on. The Austin based band’s songs are a little monotonous, but give them a chance, they have released 6 albums since 1995, some of their tracks are really good, if you like quiet, electronic music. An underrated indie band also known as 'AmAnSet' more people should discover. Only 300.000 have visited their myspace!!! Perhaps the marketing of the band has not been up to scratch. This video by them is impressive and looks pretty expensive. I'm unsure if they borrowed some of this footage for the video.)

Any thoughts on the music, readers?

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