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Lover Undercover - Melody Gardot

(A fairly new discovery. She is only 25. Some would call it soft jazz, similar to Norah Jones, if you like that kind of music. Melody Gardot has become quite popular in the last couple of years)


Happiness – Goldfrapp

(Seventh tree (2008) is by far my favourite Goldfrapp album, and among my favourite electronic albums of the last 5 years. One of those albums with good songs all the way through, I never get tired of it. Brit Alison Goldfrapp has such a beautiful and otherworldly voice with an amazing range. Disappointed with Goldfrapp’s newest album Head First (2010), which I felt was predictable and boring pop, and they kind of sold out. ‘Seventh Tree’ by comparison is a more experimental and mature album)


The first days of spring – Noah and the whale

(I’ve read the name is taken from this British band’s favourite movie “The squid and the whale”. The first part of the band’s name (Noah) is the director of the same movie Noah Baumbach. It felt like the right kind of song to post now that it’s spring, although obviously not the first days any longer)

Any thoughts on the music, readers?


  1. These singers are new to me. So far, I love their music. Thank you for sharing. Lovely blog.

  2. How you know Noah and the Whale stuns me!?!? Nobody even knows about em, great stuff here!

  3. To CMrok93 : My secret is I search for peoples favourite movies or fav music on the web, I often find the best stuff that way.

    Search in google for a couple of your fav indie movies/bands + type myspace, and you get interesting results. That's how I found the film "Box of moonlight", anyway.

    Or look on people's facebook, favourite books, movies, music, etc.

  4. To CMrok93 : Another idea, go on youtube, find people who have uploaded your fav band(s), and check out their other uploaded videos on their channel by clicking on their name, often similar songs to your fav band, or obscure tunes you never otherwise would have found ( :


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