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Hoquiam - Damien Jurado

(I discovered him while blog hopping. As the other two songs here are electronic and rock, the third is an acoustic. He’s an American indie singer/songwriter whose songs I would describe as rock or acoustic, I had never heard of him before, but he’s actually made a bunch of great songs)

It's no good - Depeche Mode

(I can’t believe how cool this song is. In my opinion Depeche Mode are best when you turn up the volume, not sure why, perhaps then you hear all the layers of sound more clearly)

Where Did All the Love Go? - Kasabian


  1. never heard of jurado before? ayayay.
    i pretty much have all his albums, my favorite ones being 'caught in the trees' and 'ghost of david'.
    don't listen to him that much these days anymore, but i used to be a big fan a couple years ago.

  2. I may be wrong, but I don't believe Jurado is quite as well known in Europe where I come from, as he is in America. The blog I found him on was also US. A poor excuse, I know ( ;

    Thanks for recommending those Jurado albums.

    Any other interesting acoustic singers you can recommend? (o:

  3. hey, i'm european, too, so that's no excuse! ;)

    i can recommend a lot, but i don't know what you know already.

    try him?

  4. and you might enjoy basia bulat, the felice brothers, dawes, denison witmer, shearwater, midlake.

    i think that's enough for now ;)

  5. Thank you, you’re not just into movies it would seem ( ; Haven’t heard much of your stuff yet. I like the link, I think Kristian Matsson overall is a better lyricist than singer, but only based on a few of his songs I’ve heard, though. There’s a rumour on the web he’s Bob Dylan’s son, do you know if this is true?

    Many are fond of their voices obviously, but I think some of the best songwriters like Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Newsom, and so on, often compensate for not having the best singing voice by having interesting lyrics. Do you agree, or?

    One of my fav acoustic songs at the moment is ‘Sixties’ by The Essex Green. On album by them I like called ‘Everything is green’.

    There are some full albums I love, but I’m more of a song person, than an album person, hence the name moviesandsongs.

    Here’s a copy/paste from my PC of some acoustic/folk I listen to:
    Belle and Sebastien, Neil Young, Sujjan Stevens, Nick Drake, The Shins, Alexi Murdoch, Elliot Smith, Moldy Peaches, Simon/Garfunkel, The wooden birds, Diane Cluck, The Swell Season, Jack Johnson, Johnny Cash, Leonard Cohen, The Essex Green, Deb Talan, The weepies, Suzanne Vega, the innocence mission, Little joy, The actual tigers, Catie Curtis, Jens Lekman, Jose Gonzalez, Eddie Vedder, David Gray, etc., etc.
    I’ll be gradually posting some of these and other genres on the blog for my own and others enjoyment (o:

  6. I'm pretty sure the Dylan thing being is dad was meant as a joke ;)

    And I'm sorry. I have to disagree. I absolutely love his voice. Never care for lyrics. If I wanna read good stuff, I read literature. Music has to sound good, first and foremost, at least that's how it is with me.


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