Songs for your iPod

When I Grow Up - Fever Ray
(I like the video, slightly creepy, it's funny how many songs are called growing up, the title may be unoriginal, but this electronic song for me is all about the sound.)


Can't Go Back Now - The Weepies
(A little similar to The Shins song I previously posted, but in a good way .I hate this video, but lovely song. A bit too short though maybe. You should also check out band member Deb Talan's acoustic stuff, she has made some unforgettable solo songs)


Hammering in my head - Garbage
(One of their best, if you ask me. Not just a pop song, but experimental/alternative. Perhaps the most layers of sound I have ever heard in a single electronic song. The lyrics are kind of twisted as well. I personally think the middle part at 1.52 is sooooo amazingly beautiful.)

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