Top 100 songs of 2013 (tracks 90-81)

The Sing - Bill Callahan
(This guy has a very distinctive vocal, which I feel has a lot of weight and authority to it)

Earthly Pleasures - Villagers
(Frontman and songwriter Conor O'Brien told Mojo magazine this tune focuses on a character sitting naked on a toilet suffering a nervous breakdown and believing he's a soldier in the Brazilian War of Independence in 1822: "The feeling of that song for me is somebody who's falling apart and I think the whole thing happens in his toilet," he explained. "He travels a lot in his head; he gets involved in the Brazilian War of Independence and he confronts his imaginary maker, this maternal, goddess figure. In the end he puts his head back on, puts his clothes back on and goes back into the world with a new love for humanity.")

Exit Wounds – Placebo
(Slow build up, and great change of tempo at 1.54. Probably the best track on a mediocre album)

Sports – The Eclectic Moniker
(Featured on my summer playlist, and it really does make you feel like it’s summer again. Also love the saxophone)

Darkness – Du Tonc
(A promising new band, and this is their first single. Especially like the guitar)

Together - The xx (From The Great Gatsby soundtrack)
(I was initially underwhelmed by the vocals, didn’t grab me right away, but after I heard it in the end credits of the movie, I started getting into the track. Deceptively haunting.)

Your Life is a Lie - MGMT
(Didn’t love the album, only this single. Do yourself a favour and watch the imaginative music video)

Physical Control – Hot Natured
(Stumbled into this album by accident, thanks Lisa Thatcher. You have to go to 1:05:58 on youtube for the track Physical Control. The sound kind of reminds me of Daft Punk)

I Didn’t See It Coming – Belle & Sebastian (Richard X mix)
(Just a catchy dance remix, which to me improves on the 2011 original. It may be too saccharin and cute for some listeners, though.
From their compilation Third Eye Centre (2013), Blue Eyes of a Millionaire is another highlight-which is closer to what the band usually sound like.)

Annabel – Goldfrapp
(From my favorite album of 2013, which honestly works best listening to the album in its entirety)

Listened to any of these albums? What is your favorite new music of the year? As always, share your opinions in the comments. Tracks 80-71 coming soon!


  1. Need to listen to the complete Great Gatsby soundtrack. Listened to a few songs here and there, and really adore that XX track. Something about their music just draws me in. Beautifully moody music. Though... not great to drive to. Just FYI! LOL

    1. @Jaina: The Gatsby soundtrack, I didn't like all of it, several of the cover songs are not as great as the originals. Young & Beautiful is the stand-out.

      That XX track does draw you in, I agree. I’ll keep that in mind and not use that band as driving music :)

  2. I love the tracks from Goldfrapp, MGMT, and the XX. I haven't heard anything about the new Placebo other than the fact that it's not a very good record.

    1. @thevoid99: Placebo album is not their best, but you should definitely give that track a chance, if you haven’t already done so.

  3. Hi Chris, welcome back! :D I'm with you about that song 'Together' from Gatsby, I quite like it when I heard it at the end and it does have that haunting quality.

    1. @Ruth: I’m back, for a little while, anyway : ) Glad we are in agreement that XX track is haunting.

  4. Have to admit that I have not heard any of these songs. But you know my taste in music is very different from yours :)

    1. @Nostra: Yeah, are tastes in music are usually different :) Out of curiosity, which is your favorite album of 2013?

    2. Would be very difficult choice, but it would probably be Kanye West's new album which is very experimental, but it's exactly because of it that I liked it. Some of the lyrics I'm not a fan of but as an album it feels cohesive. Another one would be by a Dutch hiphop supergroup.

    3. @Nostra: Although Kanye West is popular, his style is just not my thing. No surprise there :) I seldom listen to hip hop or rap. Happy his album worked out for you!

  5. That sure is an interesting concept for a song ("Earthly Pleasure"). Kind of reminds me of Bright Eyes a bit. Cool music video, too.

    Not sure what to make of the new MGMT album, but "Your Life is a Lie" is catchy.

    I'm going to have to listen to that Hot Natured album in full. Really enjoyed the track you selected.

    BTW, loved that Burial EP. Its positive message is great, too.

    1. Eric @ The Warning Sign: ”Your Life is A Lie” is the track that stood out, I only listened to the rest of the album once.
      Yeah, that Hot Natured album is under the radar, the artwork and sound reminds me of Daft Punk’s Tron soundtrack.
      Glad Burial’s new EP worked out for you! Cool I could be of help. The first track on Rival Dealer impressed me the most.

  6. I still need to check some of these out, but I love the mentions for Annabel and Together. Brilliant tracks!


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