Top 100 songs of 2013 (tracks 100-91)

So lets kick off my top 100 list, nine more posts to come. Enjoy!

Change of Coast – Neon Indian (from Grand Theft Auto 5 soundtrack)
(For me, the best song on the soundtrack)

Lost Generation - Rizzle Kicks
(I don't usually listen to hip hop. This track is pretty fun and catchy, with a British vibe to the lyrics)

Cementality - King Krule
(Quite gloomy, but also strangely captivating.
The atmosphere of the album has been compared to Ian Curtis of Joy Division)

Just Another Girl - The Killers
(A pop song which strength is how uplifting it is. The video is worth a look. Whether it holds up to repeat listening I'm unsure about.)

Is There Anybody Out There? - Laura Mvula
(Laura Mvula's debut LP is not bad, though at times the delivery of lyrics is rushed, and doesn't fit with the melody, which she should work on in future. I almost went with Can't Live With The World)

Cheap Shots - Holy Ghost!
(I love how the song builds up. Probably a homage to Tangerine Dream - Love on a real train)

Atlas – Coldplay (from Hunger Games Catching Fire soundtrack)
(Possibily the most powerful track on the soundtrack. My other favorite from the disc is by The National)

Doin' It Right - Daft Punk ft. Panda Bear
(The electronic vocal is not for everyone. This track has grown on me, I didn't love it on first listen. The Panda Bear vocal works a treat here.)

The Line it Curves - David Lynch
(My favorite from Lynch's latest LP, and for me the album track where he expresses the most emotion)

Home - Austra
(Not really familiar with the band. Foot-tapping stuff!)

Listened to any of these albums? Which are your favorites of the year? As always, share your opinions in the comments. Tracks 90-81 coming soon!


  1. Really dig the Daft Punk tune and wow, wouldn't have expected Rizzle Kicks to be in here that's for sure! Not positive that they fit under the hip-hop bracket - think their stuff as a lot of different vibes to it. Not really a fan of theirs and their first album has been played to death by my mum of all people, but I do find them harmless nonetheless and some of their stuff isn't half-bad either (extremely catchy, though).

    Looking forward to your other lists and had no idea Lynch released an album this year, too. Definitely checking that out.

    1. @Cherokee: Rizzle Kicks surprised me too, that it made the list! Is labelled as hip hop on wikipedia, a mix of genres I suppose is what you mean. (dammit I just burnt my dinner while typing this, ha). I like to keep an eye on British pop culture, since I’m half British, and currently in Scandinavia. I’m curious about Rizzle Kicks debut album, I must have missed that.
      Yep, Lynch wants to keep making music it seems. My favorite from his previous album is Stone's Gone Up:

  2. That track from GTAV is VERY catchy. Really like the sound of it. Gonna see if I can check out the rest of the album.

    Doin' it Right is one of my favourites from the album. But it's one of those albums I have to listen to from start to finish. For me, it works so well as a complete piece of music.

    1. @Jaina: Happy you enjoyed the Neon Indian track, the kind of song that gets stuck in your head. Remember thinking the rest of the soundtrack wasn’t as good, but maybe it works with the game?
      Daft Punk is definitely one of the best albums of the year, in my top 5.

  3. Damn I love The Line it Curves. Good thing Lynch didn't disappear completely and at least brings us his awesome music.

    1. @Sati: Lynch album is quite atmospheric, with all those soundscapes. He’s still around, but he needs to get back in the director’s chair soon :)

  4. I love "Doin' It Right". That's one of my favorite songs of the year. I'm still working on my 50 Best Albums of 2013 list right now as well as other stuff. This was a great year for music.

    1. @thevoid99: "Doin' It Right" is a solid track, even though I do feel the lyrics are a bit repetitive, I have three other Daft Punk tracks which are higher.
      I’m slightly early, not seen other top 100s yet. Look forward to your year-end lists!

  5. Thrilled to see the Rizzle Kicks track on here. The album was a mixed bag, but I love that song. I also dig the Daft Punk, Austra and Holy Ghost! tracks. Can't wait to see the next part!

    1. @Josh: Yes, that Rizzle Kicks track I enjoyed,the lyrics are quite fun, I’m going to look into their other material soon.
      Glad you liked several of the other tunes as well. I just posted the next part of the top 100, tracks 90-81

  6. WOW! This is quite the ambitious project. Will try to listen to most of these today.

    That Neon Indian track is one of the highlights from the GTA soundtrack for sure. Perfect tune for driving around sunny Los Santos.

    King Krule sounds like someone I need to listen to more of. I heard him on a Mount Kimbie track, but that's it. Can't believe he's just 19 years old.

    "Doin' It Right" is one of my favorite songs from the Daft Punk album. It's kind of funny because I usually cannot stand Panda Bear. Somehow his vocals work perfectly on that one.

    Also really enjoyed that Austra song.

    1. Eric @ The Warning Sign: Thanks for listening! My top 100 is indeed an ambitious project, maybe too ambitious, considering how time-consuming /: Probably will do a shorter list next year, top 10 songs or something (:
      Inevitably, it looks like I missed a few good tracks. Heck, I may have to add them as honorable mentions:
      A Tooth For An Eye - The Knife, Down Down the Deep River by Okkervil River, River Dealer by Burial, All Night / 14 by Jai Paul, & Try To Be by Blue Hawaii.

      Agree about Panda Bear vocal works really well on Doin’ It Right. Yep, King Krule sure started early, the album is a bit of a downer, but interesting in moderation.


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