Top 100 songs of 2013 (tracks 60-51)

Flick of The Finger - Beady Eye
An underappreciated release from 2013. By Liam Gallagher, former member of Oasis. The album was better than I expected it to be.)

Love Me Again - John Newman
(You'll either love or hate that chorus)

New – Paul McCartney
(You could accuse him of trying to recreate The Beatles sound, but for me that's exactly why the song works. Save Us is also a highlight from his latest record.)

DNA – Empire of the Sun
(It’s an album that does grow on you on repeat listening. In spite of lacking a prominent single like Walking On A Dream (2008), the new release does have a number of pretty good tracks. Taken as a full album, I actually think it's superior to their debut.)

Go Gentle - Robbie Williams
(I do love the lyrics, even though they don't entirely ring true, sung by a womanizer. Maybe he's changed his ways. The best track from him in a long time)

The Night Comes Again - St Lucia
(The band released an excellent EP last year. 2013 saw them put out a full length album. Of the "new" tracks, this is the one that stayed with me, and is the album opener)

Master Hunter – Laura Marling
(To me, the strongest part of Laura Marling’s latest album is the writing, although for my money she does circle around the artist-having-trouble-with-being-in-a relationship-dilemma a bit too often. Is that cohesion or monotony? You be the judge. I prefer her 2010 album I Speak Because I Can)

The Way Out – Porcelain Raft
(Haunting and powerful)

Came Back Haunted – Nine Inch Nails
(The first part of the album I liked the most. The remainder I could appreciate too, no tracks sounded the same, with lots of experimentation.)

Sirens – Pearl Jam
(For me the highlight on Lightning Bolt (2013). That said, I'm kind of getting tired of musicians using the word "siren")

Have you listened to any of these artists? Which are your best music discoveries of 2013? Be sure to stop by again in a couple of days for Tracks 50-26, as I continue the countdown.


  1. Replies
    1. @thevoid99: Knew you’d like the inclusion of Nine Inch Nails :)

  2. Pleasantly surprised with that NIN track. Haven't heard much of their new work.

    1. Eric @ The Warning Sign: I prefer "Came Back Haunted" loud, with all the background sound going on :) I didn’t care for the David Lynch directed video, though, which is headache-inducing.

  3. It's nice to see a Paul McCartney track on here. That said, I've already forgotten most of the songs on that album.

    1. @Josh: Paul McCartney’s album is maybe a bit overrated, but I liked those two tracks I highlighted. The guy hasn’t put out GREAT music in years, though.


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