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Bonjure Tristesse reviews Meeks Cutoff, I pretty much agree with his thoughts.

dvdinfatuation looks at Easy Rider, a groundbreaking and influential road movie from late 60s. I'll be reviewing it on moviesandsongs365 soon.

For a laugh, read some e-mails from an asshole

Andy Buckle agrees with me on The Illusionist . Andina at inspired ground also shares her views on the animated film.

Central Florida film critic James D is going through his top 10 films, here's his write-up of number 8 2001: A Space Odyssey

Mike’s article over at You Talking To Me? on Fellini's realism and career was rewarding, a director I'm currently getting into.

Chris at Mildly Interesting Films talks about a few books he’s read, and asks for recommendations. He also writes about the atmosphere in Twin Peaks.

Anna and Ronan offer their opinions on Tree of Life (2011), a film I loved. Ronan also reviews another of my favourites of 2011, the Oscar and Golden Globe winning Danish film In A Better World. I review Susanne Bier's film myself here

Love him or hate him, for those who have been following my recent David Lynch blogathon, Lynch’s 2010 short film Lady Blue Shanghai starring Marion Cotillard is on youtube. Also, listen to the winner of the David Lynch music video competition for the song “I Know”, from the upcoming debut solo album by, yes, Lynch himself, believe it or not, out 8th November 2011. And here’s an August interview in Rollingstone about the making of the album and what Lynch is up to these days.

If you like dream pop music (like me), check out this great remix. A music website I just discovered.

Misfortune Cookie a while back wrote an interesting piece on how The Office is a show for our times.

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  1. I'm going to watch The Tree of Life on thursday - I'm quite excited.

  2. Just came to say thanks for the link Chris!

    Also, dontevenreply is a hilarious site. That guy is a master troll.

  3. Thanks for the link, and I look forward to reading your take on EASY RIDER

  4. @ Lime(tte) : Hope you enjoy Tree of Life, the visuals are amazing.

    @ Bonjour Tristesse : dontevenreply, that guy has a good sense of humour, although a little insulting-but I think that's the point maybe ( :

    @ Andy Buckle,@ Andina: You're welcome!

    @ Dave B: I hope to have my Easy Rider review up in a few days ( :

  5. Some nice links. Thanks for these. I was quite disappointed by Tree of Life. Worth seeing for the visuals, but didn't like the story as it felt a bit to simple.

  6. Movie bloggers must channel each other because I have "Easy Rider" scheduled for my, Can You Believe I Haven't Seen, feature. For August though, I watched The Big Lebowski. I love 90% of David Lynch. His endings are always a letdown for me. I feel he writes himself into a corner and doesn't know how to get out. I still love a lot of his films though.

  7. @myfilmviews : Tree of life is not for everyone, glad we agree on the visuals though, I'll check your review! ( :

    @Colleen: I've just posted my Easy Rider review, among the best road movies I think with many colour characters!
    I would agree on Inland Empire being tough to figure out and Lynch writing himself into a corner there.
    The endings are sometimes sad or confusing, but for example Elephant man (1980) is still touching, powerful and thoughtful.


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