Songs for your iPod

(Below are three songs from the 90s. Will post more Neil Young over the next 3 weeks! My goal is to illuminate some lesser-known of his tracks)

Natural Beauty – Neil Young

(One of my favourites from my best-loved Neil Young album, Harvest Moon. I previously shared the title track, which I also love)


Safeway Cart - Neil Young and Crazy Horse

(This track and Trans Am below are from his not-so-famous 1994 album Sleeps With Angels)


Trans Am – Neil Young and Crazy Horse

Readers, any thoughts on this week's music?


  1. Love Neil Young, and what is cooler is that my 4 yr old does too!! She loves to sing along to 'Rocking in the FREE world' so cute!!

  2. @ Custard : An advantage of children, you get to introduce them to what you love, if they will listen ( :


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