The music of Talking Heads (4 of 4)

Album: True Stories (1986)

Favorite tracks: Love For Sale

Talking Heads' soundtrack to David Byrne's oddball directorial debut. Though it generated one of the band's biggest radio hits ("Wild Wild Life"), both the film and its songs were dismissed as self-consciously quirky retreads of other, better material; and it's well-known the quartet was beginning to splinter apart around the time of the sessions.

Thoughts: A rock approach, David Byrne’s voice is at times unrecognizable. Wild Wild Life is the hit single-but I find it quite annoying.

Trivia: Radiohead got their name from a song (“Radio Head”) on this album.

Album: Naked (1988)

Favorite tracks: Nothing But Flowers, Sax and Violins

Thoughts: Changing direction, the songs are fast-paced and it sounds like Latin music.


  1. I haven't much of those 2 albums though I already knew about how Radiohead got their name. I do remember the last songs they did in 1991 which were bonus tracks on the final album in a reissued version as it was for a soundtrack. A year later, David Byrne disbanded the group and they just made the list of bands that are very unlikely to reunite.

    1. @thevoid99: I'll have to seek out those bonus tracks, thanks for the info, really enjoying the music of Talking Heads.
      I just saw Stop Making Sense (1984), that was a lively show, what a great live act.


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