The music of Talking Heads (3 of 4)

Album: Speaking in Tongues (1983)
Favorite tracks: This Must be The Place, Burning Down the House, Making Flippy Floppy, Girlfriend Is Better, Two Note Swivel
Thoughts: Speaking in Tongues is probably the most mainstream release of the band’s career at this point. The strongest part of the album are the first 5 tracks, plus the closer “This Must be The Place”, which is my favorite song by the group. Burning Down the House was recently used to great effect in a scene in Lars von Trier's Nymphomaniac, when a car is set on fire.

Album: Little Creatures (1985)
Favorite tracks: The Lady Don’t Mind, Television Man, Give Me Back My Name, Road To Nowhere

Thoughts: Has been called Talking Heads' most immediately accessible album, or Talking Heads light. Not as experimental as their earlier work, but was intended as a pop album. Not bad, just it’s an album I doubt I’ll be listening to a lot in future.


  1. Speaking in Tongues and Little Creatures are good albums though pales to the earlier ones.

    1. @thevoid99: I like Speaking in Tongues a lot, that album could be in my top 2. I think I need to listen to Talking Heads a bit more, before I can do a top 10 songs list, and definitively rank the albums for myself.

  2. I agree on This Must Be the Place. While Speaking in Tongues is not my favorite of the band (it would probably rank 3rd behind Remain in Light and Fear of Music), I think that's my favorite track of theirs.

    Little Creatures is pretty forgettable.

    1. SJHoneywell: This Must Be the Place is great,, I actually first heard it in Oliver Stone's Wall Street (1987), I believe it was in the end credits.
      Little Creatures, the more I listen to it, the less I like it, so, yeah, I agree it isn't their best. Road To Nowhere and Television Man are pretty good, though.

  3. @TheVern: Congratulations on your award, and thank you! Have just commented on your awards post.


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