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Some folk tunes...strangely I only liked one song on each of below 2011 albums...folk music is a bit hit or miss with me...

Paper Airplane - Alison Krauss & Union Station


For What It's Worth - Stevie Nicks


The Way It Will Be - Gillian Welch

(The vocal is a touch similar to Aimee Mann. The sound is pleasant enough folk/country, unfortunately the new album overall, I found Gillian Welch’s lyrics uninspiring and the monotonous vocal delivery struggled to hold my attention.
Given all the great reviews, maybe its just not for me? An exception was below track, a highlight for me on 2011 album The Harrow & The Harvest, haunting and interesting. An older song by Welch from album The Revelator (2001) that impressed me was: “I Dreamed A Highway”)

Like? dislike? any thoughts, listeners? Let me know in the comments


  1. Knowing how much you love long songs, I’m not surprised that “I Dream A Highway” is one of your favourite Gillian tracks!

    By the way, I’m finally listening to Joanna Newsom's HAVE ONE ON ME. Enjoying it quite a lot and I agree that “Good Intentions Paving Company” is just wonderful.

    Will be interested to hear what you think of the Tori album too (plenty of long songs...) :)

  2. @ Alex Ramon: Joanna Newsom's voice takes a bit of getting used to, "Good Intentions Paving Company" sure is a song for the ages! She could be the most gifted songwriter working today.

    Will check out Tori Amos' new release soon. Forgot to thank you for the album recommendation of June Tabor over at the anticipated autumn list-she knows her lyrics and long songs too!

    I also plan to do a Top folk songs of 2011 list later on, maybe a combo with some acoustic, so keep your eyes peeled ( :


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