Anticipated Albums Autumn/Fall 2011

So what new music am I looking forward to? Here are some album selections, and release dates:

August 16th:

100 Acres of Sycamore - Fionn Regan

September 13th:

The Years - Memoryhouse

Era Extrana - Neon Indian

Gravity The Seducer - Ladytron

A Creature I Don't Know - Laura Marling

American Goldwing - Blitzen Trapper

The Old Magic - Nick Lowe

A Winged Victory for the Sullen - A Winged Victory for the Sullen

September 20th:

An Argument With Myself - Jens Lekman

Night of Hunters - Tori Amos

All Hours - Ivy

The High Country - Richmond Fontaine

September 27th:

Grace for Drowning - Steven Wilson

Gracious Tide Take Me Home - Lanterns on the Lake

The Whole Love - Wilco

Velociraptor - Kasabian

Vanity Is Forever - Geoffrey O'Connor

Zig Zaj - Boom Bip

Forever - SLEEP ∞ OVER

In Heaven - Twin Sister

October 4th:

Metals - Feist

Sea of Memories - Pallers

Wolfroy Goes to Town - Bonnie Prince Billy

Amerika - Migrant

October 11th:

Ashes & Fire - Ryan Adams

Turn in the Dream-Songs - Jeffrey Lewis

Dropped Pianos - Tim Hecker

Original Colors - High Places

In the Pit of the Stomach - We Were Promised Jetpacks

October 18th:

Hurry Up, We're Dreaming - M83

Days - Real Estate

Like a Man - Adam Cohen

Ragged Kingdom - Oysterband & June Tabor

October 25th:

Bad as me - Tom Waits

AHK-toong BAY-bi Covered - Various artists

November 8th:

Parallax - Atlas Sound (solo project from Bradford Cox of Deerhunter)

Crazy Clown Time - David Lynch

Humor Risk - Cass Mccombs

So Outta Reach - Kurt Vile

Stage Whisper - Charlotte Gainsbourg

Our Own Dream - Keep Shelly in Athens

Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn (Soundtrack)

November 15th:

Album By Korallreven - Korallreven

Replica - Oneohtrix Point Never

November 22nd:

Dive - Tycho

December 14th:

History - Molly Nilsson

(Last updated 3rd of November)

You can probably tell by now I love album sleeves, ha ha ( : I like Ladytron's and the Neon Indian's dreamy artwork the best, they're all pretty impressive to be honest!

Which 2011 albums do you have constantly on repeat? What music are you most excited about in the next few months? Any thoughts on the album covers above?

ps To listen to some of the fall tracks, go here

Or go to my best dream pop songs of 2011, which includes songs from autumn 2011


  1. I'm most looking forward to the Wilco, Ladytron, and M83 albums. Along with Girls, Justice and Mastodon. Also the Lou Reed/Metallica collaboration sounds intriguing too.

    But it's strange, nothing new has really blown me away this year. Usually I have a long list of bands/albums of the year by now. Maybe I've been focusing so much of film that I missed some good music.

    So far I've probably listened to the PJ Harvey and Lykke Li albums the most.

  2. Jens Lekman, Tori Amos and Feist's new albums are the ones I might want to look for.

    A couple of weeks ago I read that lomography made a photo competition with Tori Amos theme, seems very exciting and I was late to know about it.

    Thanks for the info, Chris.

  3. @ Bonjour Tristesse: I think you did miss some good music, check out my top albums of 2011 so far(on the sidebar), maybe you'll find something you like. Thanks for the suggestions. The ladytron tracks are up on youtube, I'm listening to the album RIGHT NOW, awesome ( :

    @ Andina : Hope you find some inspiring music ( ; I don't know, maybe Tori Amos is sort of a fashion icon, she's been around for a long time

  4. I know it's a little closer to the mainstream sound than some people might fancy, but I'm really looking forward to Mutemath's new album in October the most. Their debut was one of my favorites and their second album was solid as well. On your list I'm most looking forward to M83. I thought their newest single might be the best song I've heard from them, so hopefully there's more greatness on their album.

  5. @ Project Derek: Never heard of Mutemath, I will try and find that band's debut album, thanks for stopping by!

  6. Excellent selections here, plus several acts I’ve never heard of - but will now investigate! I still haven’t really got into Laura Marling’s work yet, but will give this one a try. Just reviewed June Tabor & Oysterband's new offering. Very enjoyable. Tabor's ASHORE is one of my favourites of the year.

  7. @ Alex Ramon : There's plenty to check out from my list, that's for sure, so hopefully you'll find something to your taste. If not, there's always Tori ( :


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