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About time I start posting some 2011 music, a couple of tracks from Vedder's new album Ukulele Songs...

Longing To Belong - Eddie Vedder

(The dreamy album cover design sure is something to behold)


Can’t Keep – Eddie Vedder

(Love the video, the ocean is so blue, look out for the rainbow! Actually its a new acoustic version of an old Pearl Jam track)


Wishlist - Pearl Jam

(From the 1998 album Yield, such memorable lyrics)

Let me know what you have to say about the music in the comments!


  1. big fan of this album too. have you ever listened to the into the wild ost? all original songs by eddie vedder. i highly recommend it!

  2. Looks like we have a similar taste in soundtracks, I also love Vedder's music from Into the wild

    You can listen to all 12 of my favourite Eddie Vedder+Pearl Jam songs here, from my recent blogathon:


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