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Society - Eddie Vedder


Guaranteed – Eddie Vedder

(There are a lot of quality tracks on the soundtrack, Hard Sun could easily have made it on here too)


Black - Pearl Jam

(I don't usually like grunge, although I have to admit this is a special track, thanks to bonjour tristesse for the suggestion)

Readers, any thoughts?


  1. I really like Eddie Vedder's voice. It almost has a Johnny Cash kind of feel to it. Have you checked out his new Album, "Ukulele Songs"? As for Pearl Jam, I'm digging the song you posted but sometimes that guy's voice is too rough for me. Their single "Just Breathe" is awful. The music is so pretty and then his voice starts and I can't take it!

  2. @Colleen: I'm with you that Vedder's voice can be too rough sometimes. To me, the Into The Wild album is his masterpiece.
    Ukulele Songs is pretty good,maybe not as strong for lyrics and doesn't have the same urgency, though "Can't Keep" is a great little song+video, and a few others I like, "Longing To Belong" is good. The album artwork is incredible of the guy at the table ( :

  3. I liked his work on Into the Wild too. You know come to think of it I never liked that "Jeremy" song either. I guess I like Vedder but not Pearl Jam. Go figure.

  4. Into the wild was so emotional and disturbing for me...maybe I was just going through a rough time, but it got to me! I don't want to even think about it! The ending was so sad, it gave me a bad feeling for a couple of days! But I agree, the music was great!

  5. @ Aziza : I know what you mean that the film Into the wild is tough to watch. The soundtrack sure is powerful-and maybe, just maybe tops the movie.


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