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Anywhere I lay my head - Scarlett Johansson

(OK, I admit it, I have a crush on Scarlett. Are there any 20something males who don’t?! Her looks aside, I was impressed with a couple of tracks I’m sharing here of her Tom Waits covers. To me her voice is unrecognizable, you wouldn't know it was her unless you were told. Some criticized her debut album for being too impersonal, but who cares. I enjoy covers of Tom Waits. This is a decent live recording)

Falling down - Scarlett Johansson

(album version of song)


Russia - Ramona Falls

(Indiearto, a music blog I visit sometimes, really likes this 2010 song and the imaginative video. To me, it starts a little slow, but I love the section from 1.55 and onwards. Maybe the louder you listen to this song, the more powerful it is?)


  1. Have I been living in a cave? I had no idea Scarlett Johansson had multiple albums. Or even sang. What the what?

  2. @Blake:
    Better late than never discovering her music ( :

    If you want to try and keep up to date with new music, this link is helpful:

  3. She has multiple albums, for sure. Whether she can sing or not is highly debatable.

  4. @ Colin:

    I'm curious, did you not like these songs by Scarlett? I think the debate whether she can sing or not may in some cases be people who thought she was exploiting her good looks and fame.
    I think it can be difficult to make your mark as a singer, so many expectations when you have baggage. Easier for an unknown to be assessed objectively. I guess we need to distinguish between the real music critics as opposed to the fans(on amazon).

    Sounds like I'm defending her. However, I didn't care much for the rest of the album, but I think her singing-voice works really well in the above two songs.
    I haven't heard her other album "Break Up" yet, so can't comment on that, I guess I missed it, as Blake did.

  5. Well, she has no range, is flat and emotionless, and butchers sacred Tom Waits songs. I have no opinion on actors-turned-singers. Some are good (Zooey Deschanel), some are unspeakably bad (Bruce Willis). This is worse than Bruno, for me.

  6. @Colin: Looks like we disagree on this. I found the 2 songs to have emotion, despite her lack of range.
    I'm a fan of cover songs, especially if I don't admire the original singers voice(Bob Dylan or Tom Waits) They are probably two of the greatest lyricists, though ( :
    I enjoyed Brian Ferry's Dylan cover album, but I realize some fans of Dylan may not find it appealing or necessary.


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