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Soul Meets Body - Death Cab For Cutie

(Thinking about what is my favourite song, can't decide, but this is near the top. The sound and lyrics in this tune never fail to get me in a good mood. Awesome track)


Is that all there is – Peggy Lee

(To me the sound reminds me of a tom waits melodi or even Frank Sinatra. A classic, PJ Harvey actually did a recent cover version of this tune)


She - Grand Avenue

(Love this song from the credits of movie Cashback (2006), which almost made it onto my A-Z of film recommendations. Great voice-over narration, but what made me only like this movie in patches were the many tonal shifts much like in "Leaves of grass". Another flaw is we don't hear enough about his previous girlfriend to relate to his feelings. But a number of people love this offbeat British film. Maybe I'm too critical. I think watching the trailer will help decide, if you will enjoy "Cashback" ( :

Any thoughts on the songs, readers ?

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