Songs for your iPod

Movie trailers are a great way to discover new bands. Here are 3 songs for your enjoyment.
Readers, can you remember any movie trailers, where you stumbled across songs you liked?

7/4 shoreline - Broken social scene

(Used in trailer for "Its kind of a funny story" 2010)

Libraries – Seabear

(This song was in trailer of Kisses (2008). Thanks to blogger Breathingmovies for bringing this music to my attention)


This Modern Love - Bloc Party

(He was a Quiet Man (2007). I thought I would post trailer A in this case, as I also like the Keane song you hear at the end. If you like unconventional outsider movies, this is one I recommend. The movie is not for everyone, though)


  1. Nice choices.

    Big fan of Bloc Party (although I think they're slowing declining in quality) - This Modern Love is an alltime favourite.

  2. @Burning reels:
    I agree, This Modern Love is great, and holds up well to repeat listening.

    Your recent article on auteurs looks interesting, I'll see if I can get round to reading that this week ( :

    Thanks for stopping by

  3. Don't rush - I think our real lives are more important than this silly land anyways:)


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