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So a slight change of plan, I'll be posting new music the next few weekends, and postpone my look at The National until we are closer to their new album in May. Eric has agreed to do a guest post of his top 10 The National tracks, and hopefully will be as big a hit as Nostra's Hip Hip Top 10 guest post.

Album: The Next Day - David Bowie

David Bowie is an artist who sticks out, always transforming and experimenting. You can’t separate Bowie the man, and Bowie the music. While I'm not one of his biggest fans, his comeback after a 10 year hiatus was a welcome return. He still has it at the age of 66. I've heard the album sleeve contains a mirror inside, which is kind of cool, and plays on his Where Are We Now? theme, and the song: If You Can See Me

Favorite tracks:
The Stars are Out Tonight (youtube version)
Where Are We Now
Love is Lost
You Feel So Lonely You Could Die

Album: Delta Machine - Depeche Mode

The album has received positive reviews, unfortunately it disappointed me as a whole. I did find one song that haunted me:

Favorite track:
The Child Inside

Album: Lost Sirens - New Order

A new-to-me song, that featured on a compilation album from 2011, and now is on an official New Order album. I really should do a career retrospective of New Order, I can feel I want to delve into their work.

Favorite track:
Hellbent (original mix)

Album: Comedown Machine - The Strokes

Loved these two tracks. The rest of the album didn't speak to me.

Favorite tracks:
Tap Out

Album: Anything in Return - Toro y Moi

Favorite track:
Rose Quartz

Readers, any thoughts on the music above? Agree with the selections, or do you have other favorite tracks? Which new albums are you listening to at the moment?


  1. Wow I had no idea Depeche Mode has new album out. I really like Bowie's new music, I'm not in love with it but it's cool. I'm not sure if it's from this year but I've been listening a lot to new Sterephonics' album.

    1. @Sati: Bowie's new album is really good, especially the two singles from his latest impressed me, and I've had on repeat.

      3 of 3 of these music posts will have a bit of Stereophonics :) Graffiti on the Train was released 4th March 2013.

  2. I heard the new Strokes album a few days ago. I'm not sure what to think of it at the moment. There's some stuff in that record that I do like.

    Here's a list of what I like so far:

    1. My Bloody Valentine-mbv
    2. David Bowie-The Next Day
    3. Suede-Bloodsports
    4. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds-Push the Sky Away
    5. Depeche Mode-Delta Machine
    6. How to Destroy Angels-Welcome Oblivion
    7. Atoms for Peace-AMOK
    8. Autechre-Exai
    9. The Joy Formidable-Wolf's Law
    10. VA-Sound City Soundtrack

    And here's what I'm waiting for: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Deerhunter, Skinny Puppy, Chemical Brothers, the Stone Roses, Primal Scream, Boris, & Daft Punk.

  3. @thevoid99: Thanks for sharing your top 10 albums of 2013 so far. Still a few of those I need to listen to! Several of your mentions will feature in posts 2 of 3 ,and 3 of 3.

    Didn't know Deerhunter, The Stone Roses & Daft Punk will have new material out.
    I listed my anticipated albums of 2012/2013 here, which I update from time to time:


  4. I am woefully behind on checking out this year's music, so I don't have any favorites yet. Stuff I plan on listening to soon: the new albums from Frightened Rabbit, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Atoms For Peace, Yo La Tengo, My Bloody Valentine.

  5. @Eric: Definitely check that Nick Cave LP, I loved it. I've got some catching up to do myself in terms of 2013 music, so thanks for that list.
    Kurt Vile was in my top 3 albums of 2011, and I see his latest is on NPR First Listen this week.

  6. I'm behind right now. The only thing I've checked out from your list is The Next Day, which is also one of my favorites of the year so far. Other early favorites are The Deserters - Rachel Zeffira, Heartthrob - Tegan and Sara, Gravel & Wine - Gin Wigmore, Outrun - Kavinsky, and Gangsta (EP) - Kat Dahlia. But that will change drastically by the end of the year.

    1. @Josh: Tough to keep up with all the new releases, so no shame in that. I prefer Tegan and Sara's older stuff, but agree on Bowie's The Next Day. A few more you've listed I should look up, and see if they are for me, thanks!


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