100 film facts about me

I had a fun time putting this list together, a meme which has been circling the web for the past few weeks at among others And So It Begins, Cinematic Corner, Inspired Ground, Let's Be Splendid About This , Taste of Cinema I hope you enjoy reading mine, and get to know me a little better. And no, that's not me and my dog on the fire truck, I'm not THAT old, can you guess what movie?

So, on to the first one...

1: I still own lots of VHS tapes and don't care abot the picture quality issue

2: Love the scenes when Ned (Stephen Tobolowsky) keeps approaching Phil (Bill Murray) in Groundhog Day over and over...and over

3: A guy from my school used to walk like Ace Ventura (for fun). Good thing he didn't make the most annoying sound in the world...

4: I don’t get the love and acclaim for Melancholia, which is to me is Lars Von Trier's most uninteresting film for years

5: I think Antichrist is misunderstood

6: Seldom watch movies on TV anymore, because the selection on youtube is amazing.

7: Prefer to view films by myself, when I see them with a crowd I only take in 75%

8: I love 80s movies, because I grew up in the 80s

9: I think Jim Jarmusch is overrated, except Ghost Dog, first half of Night on Earth, and a few random scenes from Coffee and Cigarettes

10: The Big Lebowski (1998) I really wanted to like, just don't get the appeal. Sorry

11: I regret calling my site movies and songs. Mainly because I found out afterwards that the term "movie" is inferior to "film". I guess calling my posts Film reviews gives them more esteem ( :

12: Excessive swearing and extreme violence turns me off, in movies, and in the real world.(explains why I hate Kill Bill vol 1 and Tyrannosaur)

13: Despite hating violence, I am strangely fascinated by Patrick Bateman. There is no "why" with him

14: At Christmas or birthdays I usually give friends and family dvds or bluray

15: I spend too many hours in front of my laptop every day

16: During 2012 I have watched a great deal of movies recommended to me by fellow bloggers, and will continue to do so.

17: Watching movies I use for escape, to inspire, to educate, to challenge me. To experience what I'm unable to experience (sailing on the Titanic comes to mind)

18: I wish that was me in Before Sunrise, or at the conclusion of Midnight in Paris

19: Every year I threaten not to watch the oscars because too mainstream, but I always watch anyway

20: I think Josh Brolin is a talented impersonator, George Bush, MIB3, next stop an oscar?

21: I bashed the Social Network and Inception, but because 2010 was a poor year for cinema, both films feature in my top 10

22: My dad introduced me to 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Bridge on the River Kwai, The Sting, and Sophie's Choice.

23: My mum loves Scent of A Woman

24: My sister didn't start watching movies until she was almost 20, and her film knowledge is limited. Besides movies, she's smarter than I am

25: I love the last 10 minutes of About Schmidt

26: The tears in the rain speech from Blade Runner makes me all emotional too

27: I have seen most of the IMDB top 250, except the westerns and animated films

28: I like to analyze and dissect films. Interestingly, the best ones, you can't figure out. Because that's what a masterpiece of art is.

29: I watched all the Bond movies before I was a teenager, and today I find them a little childish.

30: Even though a film is a favorite of mine, I couldn't watch it more than ten times, then I would get bored.

31: I have a poor memory, soo if five years has passed, I often don't remember the plot (a good thing I suppose for a lover of films)

32: The first film I recall is The Wizard of Oz, the witch was the scariest thing I had seen up until that point

33: I used to be able to instantly answer what year a film was from, that had been made in my life time. After I stopped reading tv-schedule my powers are not as effective

34: I love reading director on director interview books. Fascinating

35: The disturbing scene listening to the radio in Wild At Heart I believe sums up why I dislike the news media today (of course exaggerated in Lynch's film)

36: I love screenshots

37: I think Seth Rogen is a pain, and really annoying, especially his laugh

38: I once wanted to buy an Alfa Romeo GTV6 as seen driven in the car chase in Octopussy (1983). Sadly the car model drinks a lot of gas I discovered.

39: I think David Lynch got ideas from Tom Waits lyrics, and Skinny Legs and All by Tom Robbins

40: I love the moment in The Shawshank Redemption when Red (Morgan Freeman) finds the box by the wall and looks over his shoulder to ensure nobody is spying on him

41: I wonder if I will ever reach a point when there are no more good films left

42: In The Space Capsule (The Love Theme) from Flash Gordon, makes me feel like a child again. I don't hestitate to name it THE most underrated film on IMDB...Flash Gordon (1980) is as good as Star Wars in my opinion.

43: When I was very young (before the age of ten) I misunderstood the ocean diving scene in Bond movie For Your Eyes Only (1981). "This is 3000 years old". I thought they were talking about the submarine, duh...the statues obviously, how stupid can you get

44: My favorite Bond movie is A View To A Kill, despite being unrealistic, and one of the most hated by critics and bloggers. That villain (Christoper Walken), the sidekick (Grace Jones) and the beautiful love interest (Tanya Roberts) are why. oh and Roger Moore is my favorite Bond.

45: My favorite movie year is 1999

46: I think too much analysis can ruin a movie that was simply there to entertain. Do you enjoy Prometheus more by ripping it apart? I think you might enjoy it less. So why am I discussing it all over the web? Hmm...

47: The opinions I value the most about films are what my parents think.

48: I have never thrown away a dvd (yet)

49: I'm a very nostalgic person, like the teenager is in Catcher in The Rye. I'm just not angry as he is.

50: Saw Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves with Kevin Costner 3 times in cinema in 1991, a record for me.

51: I have hardly seen any of the classic westerns

52: The best new film I saw in 2012 was the documentary Dreams of a Life (2011)

53: Jim Carrey is not funny anymore. maybe I grew up, or he ran out of ideas

54: I love great dialogue, cinematography, and originality depicted on film.

55: William Friedkin has the coolest voice ever by a director

56: David Lynch has the most annoying voice of all the directors. I still love his films luckily. With that in mind, incomprehensible how Lynch's Stone's Gone Up ended up as my 2nd favorite song of 2011...I guess I can tolerate his vocal if the music is good. Notice how I'm having a little argument with myself here ( :

57: I am an introvert and can relate to what David Lynch said to Mark Cousins: "I didn't like being in the world so much, out in the world, I like being inside"

58: I don't think there are enough films starring characters in their early 30s

59: There are too many films about teenagers and 20somethings

60: I'd like to see a movie adaptation of What I loved by Siri Hustvedt, the story is so visual, among my favorite books of all time.

61: I don't know why I blog anymore

62: Asked to recommend an obscure film to see, for girls I would name My Life Without Me (2003)

63: I may go insane if someone uses the words "glad" or "thanks!" in comments...kidding of course...Or am I? ( :

64: When I sat down for Indiana Jones 4 in the theatre, I could barely concentrate because fat guy in next seet smelt so bad

65: I love to be challenged by a film, but often I don't have the energy and settle for being entertained

66: My least favorite types of movies are westerns, gangster, and animation (There are exceptions)

67: I enjoy finding obscure films, which is like finding buried treasure

68: If my life was a movie it would not get made

69: My favorite film was Fight Club as an 18-year-old. Today I don't have "a favorite", many favorites.

70: If I could meet a celebrity in heaven from the world of film, my choice would be Kieslowski or Kubrick (both dead)

71: I'm addicted to "Five Favorite Films" each week on rotten tomatoes

72: I think Tilda Swinton is a wooden actor like Keanu Reeves, even so love several of their films

73: Recently I was told I have child-like curiosity, I hope I never lose that

74: Once whn a family member was yelling about something important, I commented " oscar moment..!"

75: I don't think there should be any more Terminator films with Arnold Schwarzenegger. If there are, I will watch them, though.

76: My favorite actors are Anthony Hopkins, Edward Norton, Ethan Hawke, Paul Giamatti, Bill Murray, Corey Feldman, Roger Moore, Harrison Ford, Jim Carrey, etc.

77: My favorite actresses are Naomi Watts, Scarlett Johansson, Catherine Keener, Winona Ryder, Sarah Polley, etc.

78: I won two awards: Liebster blog award, and 7x7 award. Will there be more?

79: The ending of The Shining is the greatest ever, or maybe 2001: A Space Odyssey. Either way, three cheers for Kubrick. Genius

80: I don't understand the logic of Robin Williams or John Travolta in terms of picking scripts.

81: The mother in Hitchcock's Psycho is the scariest thing I saw on film as a teenager.

82: Only once did I give a film a 10/10 score, Fight Club

83: I like The Dark Knight (2008), but love Batman (1989) more.

84: Scarlett Johansson should start making indie movies again, shame she's gone mainstream

85: Feel the same way about Edward Norton...(Moonrise Kingdom is a step in the right direction...)

86: and Ethan Hawke...Untitled Before Sunset Sequel (2013) is also promising

87: I love Catherine Keener's facial expressions in Nicole Holofcener movies...

88: The film that took my breath away for special effects in cinema was Titanic (1997) I sat in the front row close to screen. WOW. I was onboard, and survived! However I feel bad that the casualties are there as popcorn entertainment.

89: The time I laughed the hardest at a film this year was when they said "beloved those who sit down" in Songs from the Second Floor

90: Movie I thought I would love and disliked was Brick (2005)

91: Oscar-winning film I hated: The Barbarian Invasions

92: Favorite directors: Lynch, Kubrick, Kieslowski, Mike Leigh, etc

93: Never understood Memento, until it was explained

94: My favorite films as an 8-year-old were The Neverending Story and The Goonies.

95: No Country for Old Men is not THAT good. I kind of...maybe...don't love the Coen brothers, so that more or less explains my reaction.

96: I never notice The Wall (1982) ANYWHERE in the blogosphere. Why? Amazing film

97: or Birdy (1984)...

98: or Siblings (2004)...

99: or Unrelated (2007)...

100: or What Happened Was (1994)...Am I the only one who has found these gems?

I'm done for the summer...as they said in the old PC game Street Rod...Feel free to write your own 100 facts, or as many as you can manage. Thoughts, readers? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I've got a few VHS tapes lying about the place too. Problem is I don't have a VHS player anymore!

    Love this: "I love Catherine Keener's facial expressions in Nicole Holofcener movies..." :)

    1. @Dan: Those old dusty VHS tapes do take up a fair amount of space, but have a sentimental value...looks like you need to make some tough decisions then, considering that tweet recently ( :

      I wonder if Catherine Keener was asked to pull those faces, or improvised on the set...

  2. Point 41: I wonder the same sometimes, especially when so many films that I watch are so average. (I suppose that's the definition of average, though.) Birdy is a great film. It's a long time since I've seen it but I seem to remember one line: 'What?'

    1. @keith: Kind of a cynical attitude from my side, to think that good movies will dry up eventually. Hopefully will never happen to any of us.
      Yes, depends on the definition of "good" . Everyone should see Birdy ( :

  3. Damn that was an interesting read and I feel like I know alot more about where you are coming from movie wise. But how long did it take you to compile that list?

    1. Took me some hours, 3guys, making notes before bed, and actually most of the day yesterday. Was a relief to finally finish and move on!
      I also drew inspiration from reading what other bloggers had come up with, once I was tapped out of ideas myself ( :

  4. Done? Darn, summer just started technically started today back in the U.S. We'll everyone needs to take a break every once in a while. I definitely spend way too much time staring into my laptop. Good luck!

    1. @Gregory Roy: I guess "done for the summer" is easy to misunderstand if you don't know the context. I'll continue blogging as usual. I was just done with the list above, and that computer game I refer to ends on that quote. I just like that expression, that's all. Summer has indeed technically started now.

    2. Yeah totally missed the boat on that one. Good to know you'll still be blogging and I'll let you know when the Moonrise review is up!

  5. You sure having more fun compiled the list more than I (:

    #2 yes that scene was hilarious!

    #16 I feel the same way! I have more on my wish list rather than time to watch them

    #17 sooo agree with you, Chris. Sometimes when I'm in a bad mood, I need to watch feel-good movie, just like my point. It's my drug!

    #18 I think everybody wishes they experience 'Before Sunrise'

    #27 why is it? you dislike animated movies? don't like western too

    #61 oh no. I think for some people (like me too) they blog because it's a habit. And I feel guilty when I don't post anything.

    #68 there's too much I want to ask on this one??

    #78 let's hope so. And you could pass it too me again :D ahahah

    I have this theory that Fight Club have inspired so many people, because I've read their confessions that it did.

    1. @Andina: You didn't have fun doing the list?

      #27: I'm quite fussy in terms of animation. Often they are too childish and formulaic for me. I watch the ones that are suitable for grown ups sometimes. I don't like the Disney animation full of songs. Just watched Akira (1988), and love 5 centimeters per second (2007)

      #61: I need to figure that out soon

      #68: Maybe better for an e-mail

      I just realized reading the 100 list again, that I said I hate violence, yet Fight Club is about violence, hmm...I guess David Fincher's film is not extreme violence, and more about why, than how. I think Fight Club will continue to work it's magic for future generations ( :

    2. Somewhere between the numbers 60-70s I was scratching my head what should I write next haha

    3. @Andina: Same here, it's a long way from 1-100. Good thing there were other lists already to draw inspiration from ( :

  6. Really interesting list, Chris. Like Adam said, I feel like I know a lot more about you now.

    As far as 97-100, I haven't heard of any of them. BUT, I am a fan of The Wall, and I actually just saw Roger Waters perform it live in its entirety a couple weeks ago. It blew me away. One of the best concerts I have ever been to.

    1. @Eric: Well then my list worked! Because the idea was to tell my readers a few things about me

      Pink Floyd - The Wall (1982) is a mix of mini-movies, animation and music and among the most unique films I've seen, goes to unexpected dreamlike places. One of those films you are never done with, there is so much going on in every frame.

  7. The film is Blue Velvet!
    thats where the opening pic comes from.

    I love your list. Im going to go through it again.

    1. @Lisa: Well done for solving the question ( :
      That screenshot from Blue Velvet is a favorite of mine, so mysterious...Any idea yourself why the man is waving to the audience?

    2. I always figured it was one of those Lynchian shots that depict suburbia with that creepy undercurrent. Its a cliché of a cliché - The fire truck with the dalmatian - it implies safety and security and a masculine stability. It implies "rescue" if anything goes wrong. But the way Lynch films it - with its stilted slow mo and the colour distortion and the other tricks make it dream like. It IS a fantasy - it Can't be relied upon. And the rest of the film will play those themes out.
      That's the way I saw it - but I could be wrong. With Lynch that happens a lot.

    3. @Lisa: Solid interpretation, which fits together with the theme of Blue Velvet of a creepy undercurrent.

      Another take on the scene I heard was how waving is reminding us that we are participants in the story (that is we are supposed to interpret. ) Perhaps to make audience aware we are also voyeurs like Jeffrey is

  8. #73: Recently I was told I have child-like curiosity, I hope I never lose that

    It's something I think a lot of people should try and retain or grab back if they feel like they've lost it.

    I haven't owned a VHS in years. Though, I'm picky about visual quality these days! Must be nostalgic though, being able to go back and watch something you've recorded. Including ads!

    Great list. How long did it take you to think of all the 100 facts? It's a massive feat!

    1. @Jaina: I find people who have no curiosity for life dull. I really don't get how someone can travel to a foreign country on holiday and just lie on the beach all day and do nothing. I guess I'm more curious.

      That's correct, VHS is nostalgic. Also practical if you're not willing to replace them with dvds ( :

      I did list within 24 hours, took me maybe 8-9 hours. Doing a little each day is probably better and less draining. Also was inspired by other lists.

  9. Nice! I can’t get enough of these.

    1. I sold all mine three years ago in one fell swoop to one beautiful soul via eBay. He bought all 450 haha.
    4. Ahh, gotta disagree here. With respect, of course.
    5. Agree!
    13. “That’s bone.”
    25. The final scene of that movie melts my heart. Beautiful and miraculous.
    45. Classic year for cinema.
    53. Correct.
    55. Holy shit YES! Just relistened to his Rules of Engagement director’s commentary. I LOVE his commentaries.
    77. God, I love Naomi Watts
    87. Her expression in the school gym in Please Give is the best moment of her career. Devastating.

    1. @Alex Withrow:
      4: Melancholia, its just so...straightforward the story. I'm not a big fan of (spoiler) dystopian scenarios because of the predictability.

      5,25,37,53,55: Good to hear I'm not the only one

      87: I'm dying to rewatch Please Give

      13: Listen, you'll have to excuse me. I have a lunch meeting with Cliff Huxtable at the Four Seasons in 15 minutes.

    2. When I was a freshman in college, I started a group called "I Have A Meeting at Huberts in 15 Minutes"

      It got about 100 followers in an hour. Loved it.

    3. Great anecdote, and indeed hugely quotable! I have to return some videotapes...

  10. You bashed Inception? I think I love you:) Awesome list, but I probably shouldn't use words 'glad' or 'thanks' :) I especially agree on Psycho, the films scares the shit out of me.

    1. @Sati: Well didn't hate Inception, did have a few problems, see review link below.
      Merci (thanks is forbidden today) . Hitchcock's Psycho is like a handbook of the art of stalking, so creepy.
      How COULD you say those overused words? *covers face with hands* ( :


  11. Fascinating list.

    I'm with you all the way on (7)
    and I love when (31) happens, it's like discovering a movie all over again. LOL at (63), two of the most overused words in comments ever, and an even bigger LOL at (64), another good reason to watch films alone. Lots of other little nods here and there as well that don't need mentioning, but all in all I think (67) is the one that I most strongly agree with.

    1. @Bonjour Tristesse: danke schön. Nice to hear I made you laugh out loud, perhaps I should get a part time job as a writer of jokes...

      Obscure films as buried treasure, the joy is also sharing it with others, which I did here 96-100

      I like watching alone, but I love to discuss the film experience with others, if you know what I mean

  12. 1. Me too
    4. Me too
    41 Dear God I hope not!
    45. Me too
    75. haha me too!
    82. Good call sir!

    Awesome list Chris, will it annoy you if I say 'thanks' and I'm 'glad' you wrote it?

    1. @Pete: muchas gracias...

      41: Since I started blogging I have had TOO MANY to watch actually, tons of recommendations out there on WWW
      82: Thought you might appreciate that call

      Ahhhhh!!! glad and thanks!!! *bangs head against the table repeatedly*

  13. 7. Yes!
    8! Sometimes I don´t know if one of my favorites movies is “The double life of Veronica” or “Pretty in pink”! I love the 80s. 5 high school students in detention or John Cusack holding a boombox, Madonna as Susan, the teaching methods of John Keating etc… They live in my head.
    12. I totally agree and tortured animals.
    14. And books
    15. Don´t forget real life is outside!
    21. But Inception features M. C. Escher´s staircase (or Penrose). That´s something to see!
    28. I love films that give me questions, not answers.
    41. Impossible.
    45. 1989.
    53. For me, he never was. But I love Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.
    54. Of course.
    60. I’m reading it right now.
    61. Because you still haven’t found what you are looking for.
    62. And what about Coixet´s The secret life of words? So sad but beautiful.
    63. You are a strange person! I think I told you THIS word several times, so you hate me! But I think otherwise. It is necessary to say this word more often (not here!). The overused (meaningless) expression is “I love you”, I think.
    65 66 67. I totally agree.
    70. Fellini and Giulietta Masina!
    73. Ups! :)
    76. Bruno Ganz, Clint Eastwood, Gerard Depardieu.
    77. Juliet Binoche, Kate Winslet, Amy Adams.
    86. Please, tell me that Jesse is with Celine forever!
    93. Matrix
    94. And Back to the future!
    And back to bed. Bye! Take care! Besos.

    1. @Analia: Thanks for a great comment my friend!

      8: Depends on the mood I guess
      12: someone I know each month gives money to the world wildlife fund (WWF), a thoughtful gesture.
      14: me too
      15: I agree with quote from a favorite book of mine: The Secret History - Donna Tartt, that outdoors is empty. The only meaning is what you bring to it yourself. That was what Antichrist (Lars Von Trier) was saying, that nature doesn't care, it just is. I know...I'm making excuses for staying indoors ha ha!
      21: I loved that staircase, many interesting ideas, but don't think Nolan was saying anything with Inception except telling a cool story. I think it looked smarter than it was. Also, the film was too fast for us to reflect on the ideas raised. The names are also significant, Ariadne especially
      45: 1989, hmm...going to take a look on IMDB today ( :
      60: Wow, that's never happened before someone has said they are reading a book recommended from this blog. Hope you enjoy, and if you want to let me know what you think of book my e-mail is: moviesandsongs365@gmail.com
      61: "What you got, they can't steal it. No they can't even feel it" "What you got they can't deny it. Can't sell it or buy it"
      62: The secret life of words is an underrated film, recommended on my A-Z list here on blog.
      63: I guess I'm just being myself. C'est la vie. oooh, i like being told I love you...makes me feel special. I can relate that sometimes love is better expressed through kindness than sentimental words.
      70: interesting, she's such a cute odd-ball
      73: no problem ( :
      76: Love Greencard (1990), and Wings of Desire grows on me each time I revisit.
      77: Juliet Binoche is in Cosmopolis (2012)
      86: I love it that they are shooting the movie summer 2012
      93: I plan to review The Matrix in future, I have 50% of a review finished.
      94: me too

      Sleep well ( :

  14. Awesome post and list in all honesty.

    2. Though I really like that moment, I found the moment when he tries to stay awake the highlight of the film, very touching.
    4. I think there's a lot of merit to what Lars Von Trier attempts to do in Melancholia and I do find it to be visually amazing. If it weren't for the uneven first half, I would probably have it as a contender for best film of last year, though not most challenging, that will probably go to The Tree of Life.
    40. One of the many details that make that film such a wonderful one to watch.
    48. me neither.
    51. I felt the same way about westerns until I watched "Unforgiven" and "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" both of which I rated 4.5/5
    82. You might be more demanding with your movies than me. I've only given a perfect 5/5 to 15 films, but then again, I have less room to play hard to get.
    83. I actually liked Batman about as much as Batman Begins and those two are slightly over The Dark Knight which I think it overrated, except for our late and unforgettable new Joker.
    87. funny!
    96-100. I haven't seen any of these films....writing them down now!

    I might do this, though it seems like a lot of work, kuddos for pulling it off.

    1. @niels85: Thanks for reading!

      4: Indeed a lot of praise for Melancholia, I loved the inventive opening sequence, but other than that no. I seldom hear arguments that dig deeper than the visuals and acting.
      40: The Shawshank Redemption is universally loved it would seem, though to be fair was a bit brutal in places for kids.
      51: Unforgiven, The Searchers, and several other westerns I wasn't crazy about. That said, I just watched "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" and loved it, and is my favorite western to date.
      82: For me 10/10 is perfection, in all honesty I'm not even sure Fight Club would receive that vote today, it could be a nostalgic score of 10 ( :
      83: There's actually more to The Dark Knight than meets the eye, I intend to look at that some day.
      96-100: Hope you like them!

      100 film facts is a lot of work, I suggest only doing list if you think you'd have fun putting it together, and don't feel bad if you decide to write less than 100...

  15. Great post -- I really enjoyed reading this. I loved the Holden Caulfield comment. I related to him as a teen, though I wasn't as angry.

    I really liked Fight Club, but I remember thinking I would have related to it a LOT more strongly in my teens. There's something about that movie's worldview that just "fits" ones outlook at that stage of life. It makes sense that you watched it, and loved it the most passionately, when you were 18.

    And I remember finding the Wizard of Oz kind of scary. My brother was terrified of it, especially the flying monkeys. He spent weeks preparing his 4-year-old daughter for that movie, only to find she was bored with it. She kept asking "When's the scary part coming?" :-) It's definitely a different generation.

    1. @Stephanie: Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

      The character Holden Caulfield, I think we can all relate to him a little bit, particularly as a teenager. I guess that's why it still gets read and is a classic. I may have liked it even more if I has found it earlier.

      Fight Club really blew me away in the cinema in 1999, and I ended up writing my final project at high school on that very film, such was the impact.

      A 4-year-old wasn't scared by the Wizard of Oz...wow... times have changed indeed! They get used to it from an early age ( :

      I'll be sure to drop by your site one of these days!


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