Songs for your iPod

(I feel I've neglected older music on the blog, so I'll be posting old favourites for a while)

All The World is Green - Tom Waits

(fave lyric: "Pretend that you owe me nothing". First fell in love with the track in the film The Secret Life of Words)


Cold Cold Ground - Tom Waits

(“the piano is fire wood, Times Square is a dream”. How does he come up with that!?)


Dead And Lovely - Tom Waits

(Again, he's a genius with lyrics: "she thought she could stand up in the deep end, He had a bullet-proof smile" )

Readers, any thoughts on this week's music?


  1. I don't listen to enough Tom Waits.

  2. @ James D : A lot of Waits is too loud for my taste, love the 3 track selections here.
    I haven't been enough over at your blog lately, have to change that ( :


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