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Shadows – Warpaint

(Dream pop/acoustic. For me, best song on the album. You either love or hate the vocals. I also liked the first part of their song Undertow)


Senior Living - Röyksopp

(Beautiful wordless soundscape)


Coming Through - The War On Drugs

(Indie music at its best. Holds up well to repeat listening. I like the lyrics, too)

Readers, any thoughts on the music?


  1. Love that Röyksopp song. Really, that whole album is brilliant. Such a departure from Junior, too.

  2. @Eric : Yep, my favourite on the album, the track kind of has an 80s vibe, maybe samples of anime TV-show "the mysterious cities of gold", and a little bit of Blade runner.

  3. Shadows - warpaint sounds cool, thanks for posting it.

  4. @Andina : I agree, Shadows - Warpaint has a great sound, I love dream pop music, and will be posting more soon ( :


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