Songs for your iPod

Oh my god – Cocoon

(Beautiful dreamy album sleeve. Gives me chills at 2.50, “and I almost forgot you were here too”)


I Wanna Be Adored - The Raveonettes (The Stone Roses cover)

(Better than the original? I think so)


Bodies in motion - Laurie Anderson

(For me among the best tracks on her 2010 album Homeland. Amazing home-made video, worth a look even if you don't care for the music. Another Day in America is also interesting-more like a speech than a song)

Readers, any thoughts on this week's music?


  1. Exceptional piece of writing. I appreciate songs for my ipod deeply. Thanks :)

  2. Another round of great selections, I especially love that Cocoon track.

  3. @English songs: Thanks for reading!

    @Bonjour Tristesse: the Cocoon track "Oh my god" is so powerful and underrated. The album sleeve is some of the best album artwork of 2010 I've seen.



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