Favorite discoveries from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 soundtrack

I should preface by admitting I have not seen Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, so I can't discuss how the music fits with the movie. In this post, I'm only including new-to-me song discoveries and won't talk about the movie.

Lake Shore Drive by Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah (1971)
The piano really stands out. A lesser known gem by a band whom I had honestly never heard of before. The title alludes to the drug LSD, although I've read it's named after the Chicago lakefront roadway.

Southern Nights by Glen Campbell (1977)
Written and recorded by Allen Toussaint, from his 1975 album Southern Nights, and later becoming a chart-topping hit for country music singer Glen Campbell. The lyrics of Southern Nights were inspired by childhood memories Allen Toussaint had of visiting relatives in the Louisiana backwoods, which often entailed storytelling under star-filled nighttime skies. So I guess you could say it's technically a song about Louisiana. Might come in handy for Alyson's An American Odyssey In Song series.

Surrender by Cheap Trick (1978)
About the relations between the narrator and his parents. A warning about STD's. Those who grew up with the song in the late 1970s are probably on the other side now with kids of their own.  Rolling Stone deemed it "the ultimate Seventies teen anthem" and ranked it #471 on its list of "the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time"


  1. Never heard the first one, so that'll give me a reason to pick up the album. Southern Nights is a favourite and I'm sure it'll work well in the film. There are much better Cheap Trick songs... although I reserve the right to change my opinion on that tune once I see / hear it in context. That often happens with soundtracks.

    1. @Rol: Soundtracks can be great for (re)discovering music from the past. I doubt Guardians of the Galaxy 2 will throw up that many unexpected tunes to those familiar with 70s music, but there is the odd surprise here and there. Cheap Trick is band I’m going to look into thanks to “Surrender”

  2. You've never heard of "Southern Nights before this film and its soundtrack? Wow, you're lucky as that is a song I love. Glen Campbell had some good stuff in the 70s along "Rhinestone Cowboy".

    1. @thevoidd99: I knew Wichita Lineman and Rhinestone Cowboy. I should get myself a Glen Campbell greatest hits and listen to the other hits.

  3. Well I went to see GOTG2 last weekend and absolutely loved it - Awesome Mix Vol 2 not as "awesome" for me as Vol 1 but maybe it will grow on me. The standout song from this mix (in terms of catchiness) is probably Brandy You're A Fine Girl - Listening to it as I type and really growing on me although don't remember it from first time around.

    Thanks for the mention - Yes Southern Nights could well work for my American Odyssey but to be honest the problem is going to be that there are just going to be so many songs when I get to the Southern States - Tennessee could form a series of its own!

    1. @Alyson: Sounds like you had a good time with the sequel. The original Gofthe G was fun, for me mainly for the music and humour.
      Thanks for your thoughts on Brandy You're A Fine Girl , especially the dit-“dooda-dit-dooda-dit” backing vocal I find memorable.

      You're welcome. Many songs to consider for your American Odyssey series, I suppose the ongoing selection process is all part of the fun!


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