Top 100 songs of 2016 (tracks 80-71)

One More Night by Michael Kiwanuka
Neo-Soul. A motivational song that encourages you to get things done. If anyone knows why he has long legs in the video please explain.

Mercury (feat. Tim Darcy) by Charlotte Cornfield
Alt-Country. A talented lyricist. This is one of her best songs which holds up to many plays. Another find from saidthegramophone's top 100

No Worries Gonna Find Us by Plants and Animals
Indie Rock. Are you a worrier? Maybe this tune can help.

Put The Fire Out by Courtney Marie Andrews
Singer/Songwriter. After hearing a couple of songs on YouTube I downloaded her album Honest Life from bandcamp (it wasn't on Spotify). Her stories come from travelling around the US and also working as a bartender. The lyrics have a relatability and the melodies and vocal are distinctive. The album recently climbed to the top of the UK Americana Charts.

E V P by Blood Orange
Quite funky. There's some Prince influence here. The best track on Freetown Sound. Judging from the YouTube video, probably better live.

Solitude by M83
Synthpop with beautiful orchestral elements. Might be too sad for some listeners.

Body Talk by Foxes
Dance Pop. Very catchy

80 West by Caveman
Indie Rock. A hidden gem which should have been a single. Good driving music.

Love On The Brain by Rihanna
Anti was a mixed bag, the modern tracks I loathed and throwbacks (like this one) I enjoyed

8 circle by Bon Iver
Folktronica. An infectious vocal performance

Find anything you liked? Already know some of these? As always, comments are welcome. Tracks 70-61 coming soon!


  1. Really interesting and varied selection! I'm liking Michael Kiwanuka (no idea about the legs!), M83, as people have noted in the youtube comments, that would make a good Bond theme. I also really liked M83s 'Outro' which was used for the TV series Versailles, do you know it? Also liked Blood Orange, they seem really different and I agree, probably great live - but will check out studio output too now, thanks!

    1. @C: Thanks for checking out the music post, I like to keep it varied. Solitude by M83 is beautiful and yes could be used in Bond. Haven't watched Versailles. Outro is epic, which I remember hearing in Cloud Atlas trailer.
      Hope you enjoy Blood Orange's output. Kiwanuka’s definitely leans on the past, but he does the retro thing well, and has some good songs.

  2. This is the only list I've ever seen to feature Plants and Animals, a very under rated band. I didn't know Courtney Marie Andrews, but 'Put the Fire Out' will encourage me to seek out more. Michael Kiwanuka's a very talented guy.

    1. @The Swede: Plants and Animals was a random discovery, it’s from the band’s fifth LP. I’m keen to listen to their 2003 debut which I’ve heard good things about.
      CM Andrews album is now available on Spotify, she’ll feature again in the top 100. There’s a sincereness about her, the album was made with friends, with no studio intervention.


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