Question: Your anticipated films/albums/books of 2017?

In this post, I've listed my most anticipated films and albums. You can click on the links for descriptions/trailers. New books I don't follow, I prefer to read the classics.

I realize several of the below films have already been released in some areas of the world. The thing is, I'm still waiting for them in Denmark, we are often late getting them to our screens.
I included a bunch of these based on early buzz. One More Time with Feeling was praised by Jordan, The Wailing by Zach, Elle by Lisa, The Handmaiden by Sati, Christine by Dave, and T2 Trainspotting by Anne. There's no guarantee I'll react the same way though.

Blade Runner 2049 (Denis Villeneuve) (October)

Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi (Rian Johnson) (December)

One More Time with Feeling (Andrew Dominik)

Elle (Paul Verhoeven)

Christine (Antonio Campos)

Get Out (Jordan Peele)

The Wailing (Hong-jin Na)

A Quiet Passion (Terence Davies)

Song to Song (Terrence Malick)

The Handmaiden (Chan-wook Park)

Chevalier (Athina Rachel Tsangari)

Right Now, Wrong Then (Hong Sang-soo)

T2 Trainspotting (Danny Boyle)

Mute (Duncan Jones)

Other films:
Logan (James Mangold)
Tully (Jason Reitman)
Happy End (Michael Haneke)
The Square (Ruben Östlund)
Inner City (Dan Gilroy)
Thelma (Joachim Trier)
Downsizing (Alexander Payne)

2017 Anticipated Albums:

I'm looking back rather than forward at the moment. Prefer to explore the classics.
Most of my anticipated are tentatively set for 2017 and may not arrive until 2018. Only two have an official release date so far.

Silver Eye by Goldfrapp (March 31)

Life Will See You Now by Jens Lekman (Feb 17)

Ylajali by Fleet Foxes

Other albums, TBA:
Arcade Fire
The National
The War on Drugs
Jessie Ware
Lana Del Rey
Belle and Sebastian
Arctic Monkeys
Dear Tommy by Chromatics

Feel free to join in and list your own anticipated films/albums/books of the year


  1. Some of the films I'm aware of. Saw the trailer for Get Out today and it looked interesting. Horror has always been best when it tackles contemporary fears head on and this looks like the first film to tackle Trump's America head on.

    Never really sure about what's coming out musically until it appears these days, although I have been anticipating the Fleet Foxes album for some time now. I'm hoping the new Springsteen album takes Trump on too, like The Rising did for 9/11.

    1. @Rol: Get Out sounds quite original and political, we need edgy horror that surprises.

      Fleet Foxes ought to happen this year. I love Springsteen, but I didn’t include him because to me he’s past his prime. I hope I’m proven wrong and the Boss delivers an important album that speaks to the times we live in.

  2. I'm dying to see The Handmaiden and The Last Jedi. I'm more curious than anticipatory about T2 and Get Out. The first because it feels like a way-too-late sequel, the latter because it's a horror flick by a comedian.

    Gotta add some superheroes to my personal list. I can't wait for Spider-Man Homecoming or Wonder Woman. The sad part is I expect one, if not both, to disappoint me. Hopefully I won't be disappointed by my most anticipated movie, which I plan on seeing this weekend or next: The Lego Batman Movie.

    As for music, I'm bad about what's coming out. I usually don't hear about something until after its release date. Therefore, I have no clue what I'll be listening to this year.

    1. @Wendell: Will look out for your Handmaiden review. Didn’t know Get Out was made by a comedian.
      The way-too-late sequels sometimes are disappointing (remember Indy 4), but I have high hopes for Blade Runner 2049 because of Villeneuve. T2 has the original cast and director on board, although it doesn’t look as innovative as the first.

      Superhero movies are not my bag, but I do look forward to Thelma (because I’m a fan of the director) which is superhero-ish

      I don’t know why the album releases are announced so randomly, it makes it difficult to know when things drop unless you keep checking.

    2. The Jordan Peele who made Get Out is the same guy of Key and Peele fame or, the same guys behind Keanu.

      I honestly wasn't looking forward to the new Blade Runner at all, but Villenueve swayed me. I love his work.

      Speaking of superheroes, I forgot to mention Logan, which I am excited about.

      Not a superhero, but I'm cautiously optimistic about Kong: Skull Island, too.

    3. @Wendell: Keanu & Key and Peele don’t ring a bell, not sure we got those over here. Agree Denis Villeneuve is talented.

      It’s certainly a good time to be a fan of superhero and comic book movies, there’s almost a new one out every month it seems.
      Logan might be good. Kong trailer looks impressive for SFX.

    4. Surprised you haven't heard of Keanu. It came out summer of '16 over here. It's about a guy trying to get his cat back from the local gangster. Surprisingly, it's better than it sounds.

  3. Thats a great list. Yes to Blade Runner 2049 and yes to last Jedi. I also want to see Sofia Coppola's new film The Beguiled.its a remake of an old Clint Eastwood Film

    1. @The Vern: Thank you. Realistically Blade Runner 2049 will probably be another safe retrofication in the same vein as recent Star Wars films, which pays homage but is not particularly innovative.
      I may watch Eastwood’s The Beguiled this year. I enjoy Sofia’s films, especially her use of music. I’m not so sure I want to see her tackling remakes though. Prefer original material.

  4. I still have so much to see from 2016, so it's hard to look too far ahead. I am excited to see Logan in early March. Looking back at 2016, I still want to see Patterson, Arrival, and Toni Erdmann, among others.

    In terms of your picks, The Last Jedi does look intriguing. I liked The Force Awakens a lot and am interested in the next chapter. I'm skeptical about Blade Runner despite its director. I just wonder if it's possible to continue the story effectively. But I'll definitely go see it.

    1. @Dan Heaton: I might be slightly tapped out on X-Men, there have been so many. But Logan does look like it will be different to what came before, so hopefully will reignite the franchise.
      Toni Erdmann and Arrival I recommend and are in my current top 10 of 2016.
      The Last Jedi interests me as well, especially because of the cliffhanger ending to Force Awakens.
      Blade Runner 2049 trailer is atmospheric and gives me all the feels.

  5. I'm definitely anxious for Song to Song and The Last Jedi while in music, I'm eager for the new Fleet Foxes and hopefully a new record from Chromatics.

    1. @thevoid99: Agree on those. I liked Kill for Love by Chromatics from 2012, their latest album Dear Tommy keeps getting delayed and I wonder if it will ever see the light of day. Hope so.

  6. There are some intersting titles there. It always worries me when I see late sequels or prequels and I cannot help wondering if the new Trainspotting and Bladerunner movies will be another Indiana Jones 4, but those two are among the best movies ever made so of course I will have to watch them.
    Verhoeven's new movie looks very interesting as well. One to look out for.

    1. @TSorensen: Glad you found some interesting titles.

      BR2049 and T2 probably can’t top the originals, but hopefully are better than Indiana Jones 4. If possible, best to go in with low expectations.

      Elle is out in March in Denmark, it looks disturbing yet interesting.

  7. Awesome list! And thanks for tweeting me! I'd love to finally watch The Handmaiden too. A lot of fun movies seem to be coming out this year. Beauty and the Beast is at the the top of my list. A United Kingdom, The Zookeepers Wife, and Wonder Woman look great too. :)

    1. @Katy Rochelle: Thanks for sharing your anticipated. A United Kingdom and Zookeeper's Wife look a bit predictable, but so was Apollo 13 and I loved that.
      Beauty and The Beast has its work cut out to measure up with the acclaimed animated film. Emma Watson is very good actress though, so that should help!

  8. I'm really looking forward to Blade Runner. I always have my doubts about remakes, reboots, sequels, etc., but I'm going to have hope for this one.

    1. @Courtney: The trailer for Blade Runner sequel has me optimistic, although of course it is possible to make a great trailer for a dud film!

  9. I was so looking forward to T2 Trainspotting and it didn't disappoint. Had to have seen the first one of course and wouldn't stand up on its own probably but a great sequel. What I loved is that they are 20 years older but so are we the movie-goers so can relate (in some ways) to how their lives have turned out. Subtle nods to the first one - very nicely done Mr Boyle.

    1. @Alyson: I rewatched the original last year in anticipation and it still has energy. Sounds like from your mini-review T2 is fan service to those who saw the original and who have gotten older. Glad it lived up to your expectations. I’ll be seeing it when I can.

  10. Great list! I'm feeling cautious about Song to Song, but the cast list looks fantastic. There are a lot of movies here completely new to me so I'm going to look into them this afternoon :)

    1. @Allie: Thank you! I usually like Malick, although critics have been less kind to him recently.
      Hope you find some interesting films/trailers on the list.


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