Top 100 songs of 2014 (tracks 80-71)

Sugar Storm by Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross (Gone Girl Soundtrack)
(For me, along with Appearances, Sugar Storm is the most soothing track from the score.
Like Home is good too. Thanks to Sati at Cinematic Corner for pointing me towards the highlights from the score!)

Son of Placenta Previa by Cliff Martinez (The Knick Soundtrack)
(I haven’t seen the show, so thanks to Jaina at Time Well Spent for the music recommendation)

Love by Mica Levi (Under the Skin Soundtrack) 
(Among the most creepy and atmospheric film scores of the year. Also check out the track Death. Mica Levi has crafted an original piece of music, in an age when many of the scores sound the same)

If It Wasn't True by Shamir 
(His debut EP Northtown has been rated as one of the best releases by a new artist in 2014. The second track I Know It's A Good Thing is good too, if you can get past he sounds like a a male Jennifer Lopez)

It's Good To Be Alive by Imelda May 
(Can get your spirits up)

Marshall Law by Kate Tempest 
(Debut album, she is a British poet/rapper. Impressive lyrics. Apparently she is currently writing a novel about the album characters. Lonely Haze and The Beigeness are a couple of other tracks to check out from the album. I recommend reading the lyrics while you listen because of the speed of her rap)

Hot Dreams by Timber Timbre
(A slow-paced album with few weaknesses that I don't get bored of. I don't skip over any of the tracks. Has been described as the bands strongest album to date. Atmospheric, brooding sound. To do the album justice, you really have to listen to the whole thing in its entirety)

You Can't Get Us Off Your Mind (feat. Lisa Collins) by Music Super Circus
(The opening of this song I’ve heard so many times advertised on youtube. I guess ads do work!)

The Upsetter by Metronomy
(Love the first half of the album. I'm pretty certain Aquarius (Let the Sunshine in) by The Fifth Dimension was an influence for the band)

Fuckers by Savages
(Kind of a female Joy Division. Opening 4 min wow, the rest is just...noise)

Agree or disagree? Have you listened to these albums? Which are your favorite scores of the year?


  1. I love Appearances too, it's so gorgeous! I wish it was featured more prominently in the movie.

    1. @Sati: I agree Appearances is a beautiful track!

  2. I like that Savages track a lot. Under the Skin OST is in my honorable mentions for 2014 along with the new Floyd (which I think is really, really good). Yet, my favorite album of the year is the Gone Girl OST. "Like Home" is my favorite track on that record. Just so devastatingly good.

    1. @thevoid99: Loving that beat by Savages. I've listened to new Pink Floyd which had a few good tracks, especially track 11 Allons-Y (1), and track 18 Louder Than Words , but doubtful will feature in the top 100.
      I agree "Like Home" is a highlight of Gone Girl soundtrack, your man Trent Reznor of NIne Inch Nails is on a roll with those scores for David Fincher

  3. So much I haven't listened to! Waiting to watch Gone Girl until I listen to the soundtrack.

    Glad you enjoyed The Knick soundtrack - it's one of those albums I can listen to from start to end and just get totally lost in it. Though at the same time, really helps me concentrate when I'm working. Good stuff.

    1. @Jaina: Thanks again for The Knick soundtrack suggestion, I should give the rest of the album a listen sometime.

  4. What a terrific post! Sharing this to my Facebook page.

  5. I like Gone Girl score, but my faves that I've been listening to lately are John Wick and Begin Again, oh and I LOVE LOVE the Blackbird song from Beyond the Lights, sung by the character Noni!

    1. @Ruth: I’ll be sharing Begin Again track later on. Inevitably there will be music and films I missed, so thanks for telling me about Beyond The Lights soundtrack. I’m liking Blackbird which I just listened to. I’ll check out the full album soon!

  6. I need to check some of these out, but YES to "Love" and "Sugar Storm". (I'm working on a list of some kind, but I'm not going to include soundtracks.)

    Glad to see "It's Good to Be Alive" on here as well. I'm not a big fan of Metronomy's new album, but "I'm Aquarius" stands out for me. It's kind of annoying, but so catchy!

    1. @Josh: Those Gone Girl tracks are pleasant listening. It's Good to Be Alive was a last minute addition, glad you liked it!
      Metronomy isn't annoying to me but I can see why some might think so. Just posted the next 10 songs of the countdown, tracks 70-61 today!

    2. Oh, Metronomy doesn't bother me. I just find "I'm Aquarius" slightly annoying. ;)

    3. @Josh: Actually the Metronomy album will probably be in my top 10 by years end. I'm Aquarius does have a slightly annoying backing singer.

  7. A lot of the songs on your countdown I'm listening to for the first time. Thanks for that. Not a big fan of this batch, though. Movie scores don't resonate to me as great songs, but work best within the context of the films in which they're meant to be heard. Only a scant few transcend the medium for me and none of these did it.

    Still, you deserve a double thanks for introducing me to Kate Tempest. I love that track and will definitely seek out the album.

    1. @Wendell Ottley: You’re welcome! I agree that the scores work better together with the films, although I don’t mind listening to these selections as stand-alone tracks as well.
      Happy you discovered Kate Tempest, an interesting concept album from the UK, which follows Becky, a masseuse with a heart of gold, her domineering boyfriend Pete, and hapless admirer Harry, an ambitious small time drug-dealer. I've read her lyrics deal with issues of poverty, inequality and even the banking crisis, with the drug dealer doing business in "boardrooms and not the boozers" (in the lyrics to Marshall Law)

  8. That Cliff Martinez track really makes me want to check out the show. So good.

    I remember you sharing that Savages track before, and I would put it as one of my favorite songs of the year, too. I've gotta say I love the "noise" though :D

    1. Eric @ The Warning Sign: Glad you're enjoying Cliff Martinez track, and the "noise" from Savages :)


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