Top 100 songs of 2014 (tracks 70-61)

(The single got stuck in my head, especially the intro. The second track Every Breaking Wave is good too, even if it is reminiscent of the U2 classic With Or Without You.
I found the rest of the album to be a forgettable and unemotional listen, which was unexpected, considering Bono said the lyrics are very personal. He explained in an interview on Graham Norton that all the new songs are first journeys: Going to London, going to LA, first love)

No Fate Awaits Me (feat. Faux Fix) by Son Lux
(The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby Soundtrack)

Lonely Richard by Amen Dunes
(The singer has been described as a male Mazzy Star)

(I don’t usually listen to Aphex Twin so I’m not sure I understand how to listen to this type of music. I liked the single, the rest of album is a blur right now. I sort of treat it as background music even though it deserves better. An acquired taste)

Glass by Kasabian
(The spoken word last section of the song hit me in a "Trainspotting choose life" kind of way)

Love Never Felt So Good by Michael Jackson (feat. Justin Timberlake)
(The single, which is so upbeat, and just makes me happy. Among Jackson’s best posthumous tracks)

I Played a Role by El May
(An underrated singer. I previously enjoyed her self-titled 2010 album El May)

Time Forgot by Conor Oberst
(While he does sound like he is in pain, I like what he has to say)

My Silver Lining by First Aid Kit 
(The single, I like the orchestral production, and probably the catchiest tune from album. On 2014's Stay Gold, the opening 3-4 tracks are the strongest for me)

Creation by The Pierces
(An uneven album, the second half of which is skippable. Believe In Me and Kings are the other memorable tracks)

Agree or disagree? Have you listened to these albums? As always, comments are welcome. Tracks 60-51 coming soon!


  1. The songs from the last 3/4 of the U2 album are the ones I liked but everything else was.... meh... I think Bono needs to walk out of a building one day and deal with birds dropping poo on him because he's really a piece of shit. I love the Aphex Twin song as the album is my 2nd favorite album this year.

    1. @thevoid99: A pity the iphone album release kind of overshadowed the new U2 music. I was disappointed with most of the U2 album, which I thought was forgettable.
      Enjoyed the Aphex Twin song, but the rest of the album baffled me. Maybe once I’ve listened to Aphex Twin’s previous work I will start to appreciate what he is doing on Syro.

  2. I really like the U2 track. Aphex Twins? Not sure I ingest enough mind altering substances for that.

    1. @Wendell Ottley: Ha, yep, the Aphex Twin album is pretty strange music. I could imagine he was high creating those sounds :)

  3. Nice to see Aphex Twin make the list! I still can't believe both Aphex Twin and Boards of Canada released new albums this year. Both take some time to digest, but I would rank them among my favorites of the year.

    1. Eric @ The Warning Sign: I sense Aphex Twin has a cult following or something alomg those lines, I'm curious to check out his past recordings as well.
      I just posted track 50-26 of the top 100. A bit of a gamble to it so early, I usually like to listen first to my favorite year-end list at (which was released today actually)

  4. Yeah, that U2 track is the best one on a forgettable album. Really like that Kasabian track as well. I need to check out some of the others you mentioned.

  5. @Josh: Agree about U2 and Kasabian. Hope you find some other tracks to enjoy!


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