Anticipated Albums (second half of 2014)

Palo Alto (Music From The Motion Picture) By Various Artists (Already released)

(Any film music by the Coppola family has my interest. Sofia Coppola's soundtracks are all-time favorites of mine)

Listen to:
Palo Alto by Devonté Hynes
Champagne Coast by Blood Orange

Boyhood (Music From the Motion Picture) by Various Artists (Already released)

(Going to see the film, before I get the album. I've heard rumours that the film references The Black Album, which is a collection of Post-Beatles solo work. You can listen to that at The Playlist)

Guardians of the Galaxy (soundtrack) (July 29)

Again, I haven't seen the film, so these are just a few selections from the tracklist:
Spirit In The Sky by Norman Greenbaum (trailer music)
Hooked On A Feeling by Blue Swede (trailer music)
I’m Not in Love by 10cc

I'm Not Bossy, I'm the Boss by Sinead O'Connor (August 12)
Listen to: Take Me to Church

My Everything by Ariana Grande (August 25)

(I like the summer hit Problem (feat. Iggy Azalea). If annoying auto-tuned second single Break Free feat. Zedd is anything to go by, I doubt the rest of the album will appeal to me)

Creation by Pierces (September 1)
Listen to Believe In Me, and Kings

Barragan by Blonde Redhead (September 2)
Listen to: Dripping and No More Honey

Picture you Staring by Tops (September 2)
Listen to:  Change of Heart, Way To Be Loved, and Sleeptalker

Madman by Sean Rowe (September 9)
(I'm a fan of his two previous studio albums, hopefully his new LP is is just as good)
Listen to: Madman

Ryan Adams by Ryan Adams (September 9)
Listen to: Gimme Something Good

Crush Songs by Karen O (September 9)

(Her acoustic Moon Song for Her soundtrack was amazing. The new album is a collection of other acoustic recordings)
Listen to: Rapt

Into The Wide by Delta Spirit (September 9)
Listen to first single: From Now On

El Pintor by Interpol (September 9)
Listen to: All The Rage Back Home

Sukierae by Jeff Tweedy & son Spencer (September 16)
Listen to:
Summer Noon (from Boyhood soundtrack), I'll Sing It, Wait For Love, Low Key, Fake Fur Coat, and Diamond Light Pt. 1

This Is All Yours by alt-J (September 22)
Listen to: Hunger of the Pine 

Muna by Marketa Irglova (of Swell Season) (September 23)
Listen to: This Right Here

Strut by Lenny Kravitz (September 23)
Listen to: SexThe Chamber

Allergic to Water by Ani DiFranco (September 30)

Innerworld by Electric Youth (30 September)
Listen to: The Best ThingRunaway, and Innocence 

Tough Love by Jessie Ware (October 6)
Listen to: Tough Love and Share It AllSay You Love Me

Playland by Johnny Marr (October 6)

Our Love by Caribou (October 7)
Listen to: Can’t Do Without You

No One Is Lost by Stars (October 14)

The Endless River by Pink Floyd (October)
(The album is the band's first in twenty years, the last being 1994's The Division Bell.  The Endless River is mostly an instrumental album consisting primarily of ambient music. Based on unreleased material the band produced during sessions in 1994, so my expectations are fairly moderate)

Other albums announced:
Popular Problems by Leonard Cohen (September)
Plectrum Electrum by Prince and 3rd Eye Girl (September)
Art Official Age by Prince (September)
Sonic Highways by Foo Fighters (November)
24 Karat Gold: Songs from the Vault by Fleetwood Mac vocalist Stevie Nicks (October 7)
Classics by She and Him

Agree or disagree? Which upcoming albums (or soundtracks) are you looking forward to? As always, comments are welcome


  1. There is something about Karen O's voice that is just sublime. Didn't know about that album, so thanks for this heads up!

    I saw the listing for the Guardians of the Galaxy album and it looks ridiculously amazing! Can't wait to watch the film. Like you, I don't listen to soundtracks until I've seen the film. The wait is not doing my health any good haha!

    1. @Jaina: You're welcome, I'm not over the moon (pardon the pun) about the first track "Rapt", I hope there are a few tracks that are as strong as "The Moon Song" on there.

      I don't usually rush out to see superhero movies, except Nolan's Batman trilogy and X-Men. The soundtrack for Guardians of the Galaxy looks impressive I must say.

  2. The Karen O album is something I'm eagerly awaiting as is the Pink Floyd album. With the latter, I'll maintain low expectations though I did like The Division Bell. I'm just a bit bummed though not surprised that Roger Waters won't have any involvement just to make it more special.

    1. @thevoid99: I remember you are a fan of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, hopefully Karen O’s solo effort will be interesting.
      I get the feeling new Pink Floyd album is material that wasn’t good enough to go on Division Bell, might be good though, we’ll see.

  3. Wow, Interpol still exist? I used to love them, their first albums were so great but then after 2 or 3 they sounded so generic. I really need to catch up on new music, the only thing I'm current on is the soundtracks - and the one for Guardians is fantastic.

    1. @Sati: Haven’t listened to Interpol, I just know they were popular in the 2000s. Will keep that in mind to listen to their early albums, thanks for telling!
      I loved American Hustle 70s soundtrack, so I’m hopeful I’ll feel the same way about Guardians.

  4. Some exciting new albums indeed! Preferably The Pierces and Marketa Iglorva. Thanks for the news, Chris!

    1. @Andina: Always new music to keep up with (: I remember you are a fan of The Pierces, I really like “Believe In Me”.
      For me, Swell Season duo’s solo albums have been a bit forgettable, I hope her new album is good. You’re welcome!

  5. I'm excited for the new Interpol and Caribou albums. Interpol kind of lost me with their last couple records, but their new single is promising. Maybe they have finally found their footing without Carlos D.

    1. Eric @ The Warning Sign: I need to listen to Interpol’s first couple of albums. Hope the new material is worth the wait!

  6. I'm in love with The Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack!
    Great choices.

    1. @Lights Camera Reaction: Thanks! Guardians of the Galaxy could end up as the best compilation soundtrack of 2014, we'll see

  7. Guardians has a great soundtrack. I'm really looking forward to the latest albums from Electric Youth, Marketa Irglova, and Jessie Ware, among others, as well. Other intriguing albums: Charli XCX, The Ting Tings, and Jamie Cullum's new jazz album (most of his newer stuff has been pop).

    1. @Josh: Knew you'd be excited for Electric Youth! I did read about new Ting Tings, just forgot to include them, thanks for reminding me.


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