2014 albums I'm listening to

Album: Amazing Spiderman 2 soundtrack by Hans Zimmer, Pharrell Williams, and Johnny Marr

My Enemy by Hans Zimmer, Pharrell Williams and Johnny Marr (Thanks Jaina from Time Well Spent!)

That's My Man by Liz (Very catchy)

Album: Indie Cindy by Pixies

(Not a fan of the rest of the album, and people are saying the comeback material is not as strong as the old stuff. Still, I enjoyed these two tracks below)

Green and Blues by Pixies
Jaime Bravo by Pixies

Album: Trouble by Hospitality

Last Words by Hospitality (Not a great album, but I love that beat)
Rockets and Jets by Hospitality (The single)

Album: Girls Talk / Time Will Destroy Everything - Record Store Day 2014 by Garbage

Girls Talk by Garbage (featuring Brody Dalle) (So passionate, I like the beginning especially)

Time Will Destroy Everything by Garbage (A soundscape, b-side )

Album: Diploid Love by Brody Dalle

(I already shared the single Meet The Foetus, these are other tracks I liked)

Parties For Prostitutes by Brody Dalle
Dressed in Dreams by Brody Dalle
I Don’t Need Your Love by Brody Dalle

Album: Blue Smoke by Dolly Parton

If I Had Wings by Dolly Parton (I didn't expect I would be listening to Dolly! This track and Try are quite inspirational)

Agree or disagree? Heard any of these albums yet, and what did you think? Which music are you listening to, old or new? Did you discover any music from Record Store Day April 19? As always, share your opinions in the comments


  1. I have no interest in these records. I'm staying away from blockbuster film soundtracks as I feel they're just the same though I do love Johnny Marr but have no interest in this. As for the Pixies... I love the Pixies but w/o Kim Deal, it's just another band.

    1. @thevoid99:Hopefully there is other new music this year that does it for you!

      I did write above that I don't consider The Pixies album a GREAT full-length record. I listen to music as indivudual tracks, and I think you evalute the album as a whole. Taken as a whole LP, I agree, the Pixies album is no masterpiece. Taken as individual songs, I liked a couple of tracks.

  2. I love LIZ, so happy to see that she is making waves in music (working with Pharrell, big things indeed). Haven't seen The Amazing Spiderman 2 yet, shocking for me as well being such a big Spidey fan, but it is a really nice addition to the soundtrack I think.

    1. @Cherokee: Not familiar with her other work, that catchy track by LIZ was a highlight for me on the Spiderman soundtrack.Surprisingly I liked it more than the bigger name tracks.

  3. I think My Enemy is the coolest song I've yet heard in the album. The others I don't feel as cool. Garbage music sounds new, not like before. I also didn't expect you'll listen to Dolly Parton, that's new, ahah

    I've been listening to new album by Lily Allen, glad she's back

  4. @Andina: I think the Spiderman soundtrack may grow on me, give it time. I haven’t seen the film, soundtrack probably works best while watching. Glad you too loved My Enemy!
    Ha, yeah Dolly was a bonus, I really like those two tracks by her I recommended here. Couple of older tracks by Lilly Allen I enjoyed, she’s not my favorite singer, but I’ll give her 2014 album a try.

  5. Need to give that Garbage album a shot. Shirley Manson is usually a winner for me - her vocals are brilliant.

    1. @Jaina: I’m a fan of her vocal too. In 2014, Manson also appeared on the track Meet The Foetus. And if you missed it, her ”so-called noir” unreleased solo album is on youtube.

  6. I love that Garbage Track Girls Talk(it reminds me a bit of early Portishead) and I will be checking out more of Brody Dalle too. Nice list

    1. @TheVern: Happy the track is to your liking!
      Brody Dalle is the lead singer and guitarist of punk rock band The Distillers(a band I haven’t listened to). Diploid Love is her solo album.

  7. Interesting choices. I've only listened to the Spider-Man soundtrack so far, and it's my current Best Original Score winner. I'm getting way behind on new albums!

    1. @Josh: Thanks, I quite like a couple of the tracks from new Spiderman soundtrack. I don’t listen to a ton of movie scores, so I couldn’t rank the best of 2014.


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