In appreciation: the music of Destroyer (3 of 3)

Album: Kaputt (2011)

My favoritte album of 2011, it's probably the one I listened to the most that year. I could easily have shared all the tracks from the LP. I love the production and atmosphere, which I think is the strongest of Destroyer's career. I wasn't expecting to love the saxophone as much as I ultimately did. The band teased towards this sound on tracks here and there, particularly their 2009 EP Bay of Pigs, or even An Actor's Revenge from 2004.


1. "Chinatown" 3:49
2. "Blue Eyes" 4:07
3. "Savage Night at the Opera" 4:24
4. "Suicide Demo for Kara Walker" 8:26
5. "Poor in Love" 3:26
6. "Kaputt" 6:18
7. "Downtown" 3:52
8. "Song for America" 4:29
9. "Bay of Pigs (Detail)" 11:19

Listeners, any thoughts on Kaputt (2011) ?


  1. Great album. One of my favorites from last year. Never really got into the rest of Destroyer's discography, but this is a reminder that I should give them a listen.

    1. @Eric: Indeed an awesome LP. I don't love the previous Destroyer albums quite as much as Kaputt (2011). That said, there are memorable tracks from their back catalogue, which I've been highlighting in the three part series.

  2. This one keeps growing on me. That saxophone is epic. I think in time it just might become my favorite Destroyer album.

  3. @Bonjour Tristesse: Kaputt may not be Destroyer's strongest album for lyrics. On the other hand, I would go so far and say the sound production is the peak of their career.


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