In appreciation: the music of Destroyer (2 of 3)

Album: Destroyer's Rubies (2006)

Painter in Your Pocket - Destroyer

A Dangerous Woman Up to a Point - Destroyer

Priest's Knees - Destroyer

Rubies - Destroyer

Album: Archer on the Beach (2010)

Grief Point (feat. Loscil) - Destroyer

Listeners, are you a fan of Destroyer? Did I miss any great tracks between 2006-2010? Thoughts on the tunes above? Next time, a look at Kaputt (2011), my favorite album by Destroyer


  1. Chris, I've become a big fan of Destroyer in the past few years. I'd seen Dan Bejar with the New Pornographers a bunch of times but hadn't gotten into his band as much. I picked up Kaputt when it came out and was hooked. I've gone back now and also picked up Trouble in Dreams, which is also excellent. I've missed them live so far, but they're definitely on the list.

    1. @Dan: Glad you loved Kaputt, for me that was the best album of 2011. I was a little underwhelmed by Trouble in Dreams, maybe because I was expecting another Kaputt. I may give Trouble in Dreams a second chance. I agree, the live set could be worth a look.
      Destroyer's Rubies (2006), Your Blues (2004), & Streethawk: A Seduction (2001) are my favorites of the older Destroyer LPs.

  2. I think Rubies is my favorite. It's the one I go back to most often. Love the line he sings cheekily half way through the nine minute title track: "All good things must come to an end, the bad ones just go on forever."

    1. @Bonjour Tristesse: I haven't read the Destroyer lyrics that closely. I get the feeling it would be a good idea. The words do seem to have a good amount of bite to them, from what I can hear.


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