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Going with some under-appreciated artists today...

(Damien Jurado is an underrated singer-songwriter who despite critical praise and 10 albums in 15 years is still not very well-known. I haven't listened to all his back catalogue, his new 2012 album Maraqopa is worth your time. His music is impossible to completely pin down, I would go so far as to say contemplative lyrics and an acoustic guitar are common features. A vast variety of styles, instruments, and moods are explored during the 10 tracks on his new record. In a 2012 interview Jurado talks about the meaning of the album title Maraqopa. Stream the entire album here. Below are my 3 favorites)

Working Titles - Damien Jurado


So On Nevada - Damien Jurado


This Time Next Year - Damien Jurado (Live on KEXP)


(Wonderful lyrics, thanks Nick, at the escape hatch)

Ivory Road - King Charles

King Charles - Ivory Road by Anderkins


Her voice is not for everyone, but Hadestown was for me among the very best folk albums of 2010. Anais Mitchell has created a fine follow-up entitled Young Man in America. Besides below track, most of my favorites on the new 2012 LP are towards the end of the album: You are forgiven, Annemarie, and Ships. Stream the full album at pastemagazine)

Shepherd - Anais Mitchell

Listeners, any thoughts on this week's music?


  1. Excellent songs! Complement my rainy Saturday perfectly.

  2. The King Charles track is great. So simple but beautifully written. Thanks for sharing that!

  3. @Robert: Thanks, nice the songs were to your liking. Too bad about the car trouble you had, better luck next time!

    @Bonjour Tristesse: Love the band name King Charles, our dog was of that breed ( : Those lyrics are indeed quite something.


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