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Seven Stars (ft. Victoria Legrand) - Air

(Only a couple of stand-out tracks for me on the new Air album. Guest vocalist Victoria Legrand is singer-songwriter and keyboardist for the dream pop band Beach House)

Air — Seven Stars (Feat. Victoria Legrand) by weallwantsome1


Moon Fever - Air


(Can you believe this album is not even available on amazon! He released it himself. You can get the album for free at Joseph Arthur's website, or stream the LP at pastemagazine. The lyrics are very well-written, and the sound production is great too. Below are a couple of catchy tracks!)

Yer Only Job - Joseph Arthur

YER ONLY JOB by josepharthur


Travel as equals - Joseph Arthur

TRAVEL AS EQUALS by josepharthur


Emmylou - First Aid Kit

(If you like the track, give the rest of The Lion's Roar a listen! The breakthrough LP of a talented Swedish indie folk duo, the lyrics seem mature considering their age. The song is of course named after legend Emmylou Harris and reveres her work along with that of others of her time and genre, including her duet partner, Gram Parsons, and June Carter and Johnny Cash.)

Emmylou by First Aid Kit

Listeners, any thoughts on the music?


  1. Hey thanks heaps for the recommendations! I was going to look at the Air album this week. These are all great. You're spot on about that Joseph Arthur album. I loved that second track.

  2. I love that Air track, makes me anxious for the new Beach House album.

  3. Wow, I didn't even now Air has new album out, I will need to check it out.

  4. @Lisa: Any time! The rest of the Joseph Arthur LP is of a high standard too. Those two J Arthur tracks I shared are more optimistic than other tracks on the album in my opinion.

    @Bonjour Tristesse: Thanks for reminding me about the new Beach House album Bloom, will definitely be listening once it arrives May 15th ( :

    @Sati: The new Air album is worth a listen, but only a couple of tracks I shared above I'll be going back to.

  5. I'm really digging that Air album. Have you tried syncing it up to the movie yet?

  6. @Eric: I suppose the Air album works even better simultaneously syncing it with the film, I haven't done so.


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